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Portuguese is a Romance language. It is the official language of Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, and São Tomé and Príncipe. Portuguese has co-official status (alongside the indigenous language) in Macau in East Asia, East Timor in Southeast Asia and in Equatorial Guinea in Central Africa; out of the expansion of the language in colonial times, Portuguese speakers are also found in Goa, Daman and Diu in India. Portuguese is a part of the Ibero-Romance group that evolved from several dialects of colloquial Latin in the medieval Kingdom of Galicia. With approximately 210 to 215 million native speakers and 240 million total speakers, Portuguese is usually listed as the seventh most spoken language in the world (or sixth, being very close to Bengali in native speakers), the third European language most spoken in the world, the most spoken language in both South America (the number of Spanish and Portuguese speakers is actually extremely close, but about 51% of the continent's population lives in Brazil) and the Southern Hemisphere, the second most spoken Romance language in Africa and the most spoken Romance language in Oceania, Japan and Mainland Asia. Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes once called Portuguese the sweet and gracious language and Spanish playwright Lope de Vega referred to it as sweet, while the Brazilian writer Olavo Bilac poetically described it as a última flor do Lácio, inculta e bela (the last flower of Latium, rustic and beautiful). Portuguese is also termed the language of Camões, after one of Portugal's greatest literary figures, Luís Vaz de Camões. In March 2006, the Museum of the Portuguese Language, an interactive museum about the Portuguese language, was founded in São Paulo, Brazil, the city with the greatest number of Portuguese language speakers in the world.
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Names (more)

[aa] Portuguese
[af] Portugees
[ak] Pɔɔtugal kasa
[am] ፖርቹጋልኛ
[ar] البرتغالية
[az] portuqalca
[bm] pɔritigalikan
[be] партугальская
[bn] পর্তুগীজ
[bo] ཕི་ཐོ་ཡའི།
[bs] portugalski
[br] portugaleg
[bg] португалски
[ca] portuguès
[cs] portugalština
[kw] Portyngalek
[cy] Portiwgaleg
[da] portugisisk
[de] Portugiesisch
[dz] པོར་ཅུ་གིས་ཁ
[el] Πορτογαλικά
[en] Portuguese
[eo] portugala
[et] portugali
[eu] portugesa
[ee] pɔtugalgbe
[fo] portugisiskt
[fa] پرتغالی
[fi] portugali
[fr] portugais
[ff] Purtugeere
[gd] Portagailis
[ga] Portaingéilis
[gl] portugués
[gu] પોર્ટુગીઝ
[ha] Harshen Portugal
[he] פורטוגזית
[hi] पुर्तगाली
[hr] portugalski
[hu] portugál
[hy] Պորտուգալերեն
[ig] Potoki
[ii] ꁍꄨꑸꉙ
[ia] portugese
[id] Portugis
[is] portúgalska
[it] portoghese
[ja] ポルトガル語
[kl] portugalimiutut
[kn] ಪೋರ್ಚುಗೀಸ್
[ks] پُرتَگیٖز
[ka] პორტუგალიური
[kk] португал тілі
[km] ព័រទុយហ្កាល់
[ki] Kireno
[rw] Igiporutugali
[ky] португалча
[ko] 포르투갈어
[lo] ປອກຕຸຍການ
[lv] portugāļu
[ln] lipulutugɛ́si
[lt] portugalų
[lu] Mputulugɛsi
[lg] Lupotugiizi
[ml] പോർച്ചുഗീസ്
[mr] पोर्तुगीज
[mk] португалски
[mg] Portiogey
[mt] Portugiż
[my] ပေါ်တူဂီ
[nd] isi-Potukezi
[ne] पोर्तुगाली
[nl] Portugees
[nn] portugisisk
[nb] portugisisk
[or] ପର୍ତ୍ତୁଗ୍ରୀଜ୍
[om] Afaan Porchugaal
[os] португалиаг
[pa] ਪੋਰਤੂਗੂਈਸ
[pl] portugalski
[pt] português
[ps] پورتګالي
[rm] portugais
[ro] portugheză
[rn] Igiporutugari
[ru] португальский
[sg] Portugëe, Pûra
[si] පෘතුගීසි
[sk] portugalčina
[sl] portugalščina
[se] portugálagiella
[sn] chiPutukezi
[so] Boortaqiis
[st] Se-portugal
[es] portugués
[sq] Portugeze
[sr] Португалски
[sv] portugisiska
[ta] போர்ச்சுக்கீஸ்
[te] పోర్చుగీస్
[tg] Португалӣ
[th] โปรตุเกส
[ti] ፖርቱጋሊኛ
[to] lea fakapotukali
[tn] Se Potoketsi
[ts] Putukezi
[tr] Portekizce
[uk] португальська
[ur] پُرتگالی
[vi] Tiếng Bồ Đào Nha
[xh] Isi-Portuguese
[yo] Èdè Pọtugi
[zu] isi-Portuguese

Language type : Living

Official language : Portugal, Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, East Timor, Guinea-Bissau, Macao, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe,

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