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Greenlandic or Greenlandic Inuit language is an Eskimo–Aleut language spoken by about 57,000 Greenlandic Inuit people in Greenland. It is closely related to the Inuit languages in Canada, such as Inuktitut. The main dialect, Kalaallisut or West Greenlandic, has been the official language of the Greenlandic autonomous territory since June 2009; this is a move by the Greenlandic government to strengthen the language in its competition with the colonial language, Danish. Other dialects are East Greenlandic and the Thule dialect Inuktun or Polar Eskimo. Greenlandic is a polysynthetic language that allows the creation of long words by stringing together roots and suffixes. Its morphosyntactic alignment is ergative, meaning that it treats (i.e. , case-marks) the argument (subject) of an intransitive verb like the object of a transitive verb, but distinctly from the agent (subject) of a transitive verb. Nouns are inflected for one of the eight cases and for possession. Verbs are inflected for one of the eight moods and for the number and person of its subject and object. Both nouns and verbs have complex derivational morphology. Basic word order in transitive clauses is subject–object–verb. Subordination of clauses is done by the use of special subordinate moods. A so-called fourth-person category enables switch reference between main clauses and subordinate clauses with different subjects. Greenlandic is notable for its lack of a system of grammatical tense, as temporal relations are normally expressed through context, through the use of temporal particles such as yesterday or now or sometimes through the use of derivational suffixes or the combination of affixes with aspectual meanings with the semantic aktionsart of different verbs. However, some linguists have suggested that Greenlandic does mark future tense obligatorily. Another question is whether the language has noun incorporation, or whether the processes that create complex predicates that include nominal roots are derivational in nature. When adopting new concepts or technologies, Greenlandic usually constructs new words made from Greenlandic roots, but modern Greenlandic has also taken many loans from Danish and English. The language has been written in the Latin script since Danish colonization began in the 1700s. The first orthography was developed by Samuel Kleinschmidt in 1851, but within a hundred years already differed substantially from the spoken language due to a number of sound changes. An extensive orthographic reform undertaken in 1973 that made the script easier to learn resulted in a boost in Greenlandic literacy which is now among the highest in the world.
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Names (more)

[am] ካላሊሱትኛ
[ar] الكالاليست
[az] kalalisut dili
[be] Грэнландская мова
[bn] ক্যালাল্লিসুট
[bs] kalalisutski
[br] Greunlandeg
[bg] Гренландски език
[ca] Grenlandès
[cs] Grónština
[da] Grønlandsk
[de] Grönländisch
[el] Γροιλανδική γλώσσα
[en] Greenlandic language
[eo] Gronlanda lingvo
[et] Grööni keel
[eu] Groenlandiera
[ee] kalaalisugbe
[fo] Grønlendskt mál
[fa] زبان گرینلندی
[fi] Grönlannin kieli
[fr] Groenlandais
[gd] Kalaallisut
[ga] Graonlainnis
[gl] Lingua grenlandesa
[gv] Greenlynnish
[gu] કલાલ્લિસુત
[sh] Grenlandski jezik
[he] גרינלנדית
[hi] ग्रीनलैंडिक भाषा
[hr] Grenlandski jezik
[hu] Grönlandi nyelv
[id] Bahasa Kalaallisut
[is] Grænlenska
[it] Lingua groenlandese
[ja] グリーンランド語
[kl] Kalaallisut
[kn] ಕಲಾಲ್ಲಿಸುಟ್
[ks] کَلالِسُت
[ka] გრენლანდიური ენა
[ko] 그린란드어
[ku] Kalaallisut
[lo] ກຣີນແລນລິດ
[la] Lingua Groenlandica
[lv] Grenlandiešu valoda
[lt] Grenlandų kalba
[ml] കലാല്ലിസട്ട്
[mr] कलाल्लिसुत
[mk] Гренландски јазик
[mt] Kalallisut
[nl] Groenlands
[nn] Grønlandsk
[nb] grønlandsk
[no] Grønlandsk
[or] ଗ୍ରୀନଲାଣ୍ଡିକ୍
[pl] Język grenlandzki
[pt] Língua groenlandesa
[qu] Kalalit simi
[rm] grönlandais
[ro] kalaallisut
[ru] Гренландский язык
[sk] Grónčina
[sl] Grenlandščina
[es] Idioma groenlandés
[sr] Гренландски језик
[sv] Grönländska
[ta] கலாலிசூட்
[te] కలాల్లిసూట్
[th] กรีนแลนด์
[to] lea fakakalaʻalisuti
[tr] Grönland Dili
[uk] калааллісут
[vi] Tiếng Greenland
[zh] 格陵兰语

Language type : Living

Official language : Greenland,

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