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Norwegian Bokmål

norsk bokmål


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Bokmål (lit. book language) is one of two official Norwegian written standard languages, the other being Nynorsk. Bokmål is used by 85–90% of the population in Norway, and is the standard most commonly taught to foreign students of the Norwegian language. Bokmål is regulated by the governmental Norwegian Language Council. A more conservative orthographic standard, commonly known as Riksmål, is regulated by the non-governmental Norwegian Academy for Language and Literature. The first Bokmål orthography was officially adopted in 1907 under the name Riksmål after being under development since 1879. The architects behind the reform were Marius Nygaard and Jonathan Aars . It was an adaptation of written Danish, which was commonly used since the past union with Denmark, to the Dano-Norwegian koiné spoken by the Norwegian urban elite, especially in the capital. When the large conservative newspaper Aftenposten adopted the 1907 orthography in 1923, Danish writing was practically out of use in Norway. The name Bokmål was officially adopted in 1929 after a proposition to call the written language Dano-Norwegian lost by a single vote in the Lagting (a chamber in the Norwegian parliament). The government does not regulate spoken Bokmål and recommends that normalised pronunciation should follow the phonology of the speaker's local dialect. Nevertheless, there is a spoken variety of Norwegian that is commonly seen as the de facto standard for spoken Bokmål. In The Phonology of Norwegian, Gjert Kristoffersen writes that Bokmål [... ... ] is in its most common variety looked upon as reflecting formal middle-class urban speech, especially that found in the eastern part of Southern Norway, with the capital Oslo as the obvious centre. One can therefore say that Bokmål has a spoken realisation that one might call an unofficial standard spoken Norwegian. It is in fact often referred to as Standard Østnorsk ('Standard East Norwegian'). Standard Østnorsk (Standard East Norwegian) is the pronunciation most commonly given in dictionaries and taught to foreigners in Norwegian language classes.
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Names (more)

[af] Bokmål
[am] የኖርዌይ ቦክማል
[ar] البوكمالية النرويجية
[az] norvec bokmal dili
[be] нарвэская букмал
[bn] নরওয়ে বোকমাল
[bs] norveški bokmål
[br] Bokmål
[bg] Букмол
[ca] Bokmål
[cs] Bokmål
[ce] Bukmolhoyn mott
[cy] Bokmål
[da] Bokmål
[de] Bokmål
[dv] ބޯކިމާލު
[dz] ནོར་ཝེ་ཇི་ཡཱན་བོཀ་མཱལ་ཁ
[el] Νορβηγικά Μποκμάλ
[en] Bokmål
[eo] Bokmål
[et] Bokmål
[eu] Bokmål
[ee] nɔweigbe bokmål
[fo] norskt bokmál
[fa] بوکسمال نروژی
[fi] Kirjanorja
[fr] Bokmål
[fy] Bokmål
[gd] Bokmål na Nirribhidh
[ga] Ioruais Bokmål
[gl] Bokmål
[gu] નોર્વેજીયન બોકમાલ
[he] נורבגית ספרותית
[hi] नॉर्वेजियन बोकमाल
[hr] Bokmål
[hu] Bokmål
[hy] Նորվեգերեն
[id] Bokmål Norwegia
[is] Bókmál
[it] Bokmål
[ja] ノルウェー語[ブークモール]
[kn] ನೋರ್ವೇಜಿಯನ್ ಬೊಕ್ಮಲ್
[ks] ناروییَن بوکمال
[ka] ბუკმოლი
[kk] Букмол тілі
[km] ន័រវែស បុកម៉ាល់
[ko] 노르웨이어(보크말)
[lo] ນໍເວກຈຽນ ບອກມໍ
[lv] Būkmols
[lt] Norvegijos būkmolų
[ml] നോർവീജിയൻ ബുക്‌മൽ
[mr] नॉर्वेजियन बोकमाल
[mk] норвешки бокмал
[mt] Bokmahal Norveġiż
[ms] Bokmål
[ne] नर्वेली बोकमाल
[nl] Bokmål
[nn] Bokmål
[nb] norsk bokmål
[no] Bokmål
[or] ନରୱେଜିଆନ୍ ବୋକମଲ୍
[os] Букмол
[pa] ਬੂਕਮਾਲ ਨਾਰਵੇਜਿਅਨ
[pl] Bokmål
[pt] Bokmål
[ps] بوکمول
[rm] norvegais bokmål
[ro] Bokmål
[ru] Букмол
[si] නෝවේජියානු බොක්මාල්
[sk] Bokmål
[sl] Bokmål
[se] girjedárogiella
[es] Bokmål
[sr] Норвешки бокмал
[sv] Bokmål
[ta] நார்வே பொக்மால்
[te] నార్వీజియన్ బొక్మాల్
[th] นอร์เวย์บุคมอล
[to] lea fakanouei pokimali
[tr] Norveççe Bokmål
[uk] Букмол
[ur] نارویجین بوکمل
[vi] Bokmål
[zh] 書面挪威語
[zu] i-Norwegian Bokmål

Language type : Living

Official language : Norway,

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