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Galician /ɡəˈlɪʃən/ or /ɡəˈlɪsi. ən/ is a language of the Western Ibero-Romance branch. It is spoken by some 3 million people, mainly in Galicia, an autonomous community located in northwestern Spain, where it is official along with Spanish. The language is also spoken in some border zones of the neighbouring Spanish regions of Asturias and Castile and León, as well as by Galician migrant communities in the rest of Spain, in Latin America, the United States, and elsewhere in Europe. Galician is part of the same family of languages as the Portuguese language, and both share a common origin. Galician-Portuguese lyric (13th-14th centuries) was among the most remarkable literature produced in the Middle Ages. The Galician language was the first Iberian tongue to be consolidated from Latin in the Medieval Ages in Galicia. The language spread southwards with the conquests of the Galician warlords from the 8th century, who became counts and later kings of Portugal. The standards of Portuguese and Galician dialects started to slowly diverge following the independence of Portugal in the 12th century. The lexicon of the language is predominantly of Latin extraction, although it also contains an important number of words of Germanic and Celtic origin, among other substrates and adstrates, having also received, mainly through Spanish and Portuguese, a sizeable number of nouns from the Arabs who in the Middle Ages governed southern Iberia. It is unofficially regulated in Galicia by the Royal Galician Academy, yet independent organisations such as the Galician Association of Language and the Galician Academy of the Portuguese Language include Galician as part of the Galician-Portuguese language.
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Names (more)

[af] Galicies
[am] ጌሊክ
[ar] الجاليكية
[an] Idioma gallego
[az] Qalis dili
[be] Галісійская мова
[bn] গ্যালিশিয়
[bs] galski
[br] Galizeg
[bg] Галисийски език
[ca] Gallec
[cs] Galicijština
[kw] Galijek
[co] Lingua galiziana
[cy] Galiseg
[da] Galicisk
[de] Galicische Sprache
[dz] གལ་ཨིས་ཨི་ཡན་ཁ
[el] Γαλικιανά
[en] Galician language
[eo] Galega lingvo
[et] Galeegi keel
[eu] Galiziera
[ee] galatagbe
[fo] galisiskt
[fa] زبان گالیسی
[fi] Galego
[fr] Galicien
[gd] Gailìsis
[ga] An Ghailísis
[gl] Lingua galega
[gv] Galeeshish
[gu] ગેલિશિયન
[ha] Bagalike
[sh] Galicijski jezik
[he] גליסית
[hi] गैलिशियन भाषा
[hr] Galješki jezik
[hu] Galiciai nyelv
[hy] Գալիսերեն
[io] Galisiana linguo
[ia] Lingua gallecian
[id] Bahasa Galicia
[is] gallegska
[it] Lingua gallega
[ja] ガリシア語
[kn] ಗ್ಯಾಲಿಶಿಯನ್
[ks] گیلِشِیَن
[ka] გალისიური ენა
[kk] Гал
[km] ភាសាហ្កាលីស៉ី
[rw] Ikigalisiya
[kv] Галис кыв
[ko] 갈리시아어
[ku] Zimanê galîsyayî
[lo] ກາລິດ
[la] Lingua Gallaica
[lv] Galisiešu valoda
[li] Galicisch
[lt] Galisų kalba
[ml] ഗലീഷ്യൻ
[mr] गालेगो भाषा
[mk] Галициски јазик
[mt] Gallegjan
[mi] Reo Galicia
[ms] Bahasa Galicia
[ne] गलिसियाली
[nl] Galicisch
[nn] Galisisk
[nb] galisisk
[no] Galisisk
[oc] Galèc
[or] ଗାଲସିଆନ୍
[om] Afaan Galishii
[os] Галисиаг æвзаг
[pl] Język galicyjski
[pt] Língua galega
[ps] ګلېشيايي
[qu] Galligu simi
[rm] galician
[ro] Limba galiciană
[ru] Галисийский язык
[si] ගැලීසියානු
[sk] Galícijčina
[sl] galicijščina
[se] Galegogiella
[so] Galiisiyaan
[st] Se-galicia
[es] Idioma gallego
[sq] Galicianisht
[sr] Галицијски језик
[sw] Kigalicia
[sv] Galiciska
[ta] கலீசிய மொழி
[te] గెలిషియన్
[tg] Галисианӣ
[tl] Wikang Galisyano
[th] กาลิเซีย
[ti] ጋለቪኛ
[to] lea kalisieni
[tn] Galician
[tr] Galiçyaca
[ug] گالىسىيەچە
[uk] Галісійська мова
[ur] گالیشیائی
[vi] Tiếng Galicia
[xh] Isi-Galician
[yo] Èdè Galicia
[zh] 加里西亞語
[zu] isi-Galicia

Language type : Living

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