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Afaan Oromoo


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Oromo, also known as Afaan Oromo, Oromiffa(a) (and sometimes in other languages by variant spellings of these names; Oromic, Afan Oromo, etc. ), is an Afro-Asiatic language. It is the most widely spoken tongue in the family's Cushitic branch. Forms of Oromo are spoken as a first language by more than 35 million Oromo and neighbouring peoples in Ethiopia and parts of northern Kenya. Some linguists think of Oromo as a dialect continuum, since not all varieties are mutually intelligible. It is a sociolinguistic language, consisting of at least four varieties: Borana–Arsi–Guji Oromo (ISO code gax), Eastern Oromo (also called Qottu) (ISO code hae), Orma (ISO code orc), and West Central Oromo (ISO code gaz). Older publications often refer to the language as Galla, a term that is considered pejorative and no longer used. The linguistic relationships between some of these Oromo languages have been explained by Kebede Hordofa Janko.
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Names (more)

[af] Oromo
[am] ኦሮምኛ
[ar] الأورومو
[az] oromo dili
[bn] অরমো ভাষা
[bs] oromo
[br] Yezhoù oromoek
[bg] оромо
[ca] Oromo
[cs] oromština
[cy] Oromo
[da] Oromo
[de] Oromo
[el] Ορόμο
[en] Oromo language
[eo] Oroma lingvo
[et] oromo keel
[eu] Oromoera
[fa] اورومویی
[fi] Oromon kieli
[fr] Oromo
[gd] Oromo
[gl] Oromo
[gu] ઓરોમો
[he] אורומו
[hi] ओरोमो
[hr] Oromo jezici
[hu] oromói
[io] Oromo linguo
[id] Oromo
[is] oromo
[it] Lingua oromo
[ja] オロモ語
[kn] ಓರೊಮೋ
[ks] اوٚرومو
[ka] ორომო
[rw] Icyoromo
[ko] 오로모어
[lo] ໂອໂລໂມ
[lv] oromu
[lt] Oromų kalba
[ml] ഒറോമൂ
[mr] ओरोमो
[mk] оромо
[mt] Oromo (Afan)
[nl] Afaan Oromo
[nn] Oromo
[nb] oromo
[no] Oromo
[or] ଓରୋମୋ
[om] Afaan Oromoo
[pl] Język oromo
[pt] Língua oromo
[qu] Oromo simi
[rm] oromo
[ro] oromo
[ru] Оромо
[sk] oromčina
[sl] oromo
[so] Af-Oromo
[es] Idioma oromo
[sr] Оромо
[sv] Oromo
[ta] ஒரோமோ மொழி
[te] ఒరోమో
[th] โอโรโม
[tr] Oromo
[uk] Оромо
[ur] اورومو
[vi] Tiếng Oromo
[zh] 奧羅莫語
[zu] Isi-Oromo

Language type : Living

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