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Welsh is a member of the Brythonic branch of the Celtic languages spoken natively in Wales, by some along the Welsh border in England, and in Y Wladfa. Historically, it has also been known in English as the British tongue, Cambrian, Cambric and Cymric. In the 2011 UK Census 19% (562,000) of Welsh residents aged three and over reported being able to speak Welsh, of whom 77% (431,000) were able to speak, read and write the language; 73% of Welsh residents (2.2 million), reported having no skills. This can be compared with the 2001 census, in which 20.8% of the population (575,061) reported being able to speak Welsh, of whom 57% (315,000) considered themselves fluent. A greeting in Welsh is one of 55 languages included on the Voyager Golden Record chosen to be representative of Earth in NASA's Voyager program launched in 1977. The greetings are unique to each language, with the Welsh greeting being Iechyd da i chwi yn awr ac yn oesoedd which translates into English as Good health to you now and forever. The Welsh Language Measure 2011 gave the Welsh language official status in Wales, making it the only language that is de jure official in any part of the United Kingdom.
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Names (more)

[af] Wallies
[am] ወልሽ
[ar] الولزية
[an] Idioma galés
[az] Vall dili
[be] Валійская мова
[bn] ওয়েলশ ভাষা
[bs] Velški jezik
[br] Kembraeg
[bg] Уелски език
[ca] Gal·lès
[cs] Velština
[cv] Валли чĕлхи
[kw] Kembrek
[cy] Cymraeg
[da] Walisisk
[de] Walisisch
[dz] ཝེལཤ་ཁ
[el] Ουαλικά
[en] Welsh language
[eo] Kimra lingvo
[et] Kõmri keel
[eu] Gales
[ee] walesgbe
[fo] Walisiskt mál
[fa] زبان ولزی
[fi] Kymri
[fr] Gallois
[fy] Welsk
[gd] Cuimris
[ga] An Bhreatnais
[gl] Lingua galesa
[gv] Bretnish
[gu] વેલ્શ
[ha] Kabilar Welsh
[sh] Velški jezik
[he] וולשית
[hi] वेल्श
[hr] Velški jezik
[hu] Walesi nyelv
[hy] Վալերեն
[io] Walsana linguo
[ia] Lingua gallese
[id] Bahasa Wales
[is] Velska
[it] Lingua gallese
[ja] ウェールズ語
[kn] ವೆಲ್ಶ್
[ks] ویٚلش
[ka] უელსური
[kk] валлий
[km] វេល
[rw] Ikigaluwa
[kv] Кӧмри кыв
[ko] 웨일스어
[lo] ເວຣວ
[la] Lingua Cambrica
[lv] Velsiešu valoda
[li] Welsh
[lt] Valų kalba
[lb] Walisesch
[ml] വെൽഷ്
[mr] वेल्श भाषा
[mk] Велшки јазик
[mt] Welx
[ms] Bahasa Wales
[my] ဝေလ
[ne] वेल्श
[nl] Welsh
[nn] Walisisk
[nb] walisisk
[no] Walisisk
[oc] Galés
[or] ୱେଲ୍ସ
[om] Welishiffaa
[os] Валлийаг æвзаг
[pl] Język walijski
[pt] Língua galesa
[ps] ويلشي
[qu] Kamri simi
[rm] Lingua valisica
[ro] Limba galeză
[ru] Валлийский язык
[si] වෙල්ස්
[sk] Waleština
[sl] Valižanščina
[se] kymragiella
[so] Welsh
[st] Se-welsh
[es] Idioma galés
[sq] Uellsisht
[sc] Limba gallesa
[sr] Велшки језик
[sw] Kiwelisi
[sv] Kymriska
[ta] வெல்ஷ்
[te] వెల్ష్
[tg] Забони уелсӣ
[tl] Wikang Gales
[th] เวลส์
[ti] ወልሽ
[to] lea fakauēlesi
[tn] Welsh
[tr] Galce
[ug] ۋېلش تىلى
[uk] Валлійська мова
[ur] ویلش
[vi] Tiếng Wales
[wa] Walès
[xh] Isi-Welsh
[yo] Èdè Welshi
[zh] 威尔士语
[zu] isi-Welsh

Language type : Living

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