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Uyghur (ئۇيغۇرچە, Uyghurche), formerly known as Eastern Turki, is a Turkic language with 8 to 11 million speakers, spoken primarily by the Uyghur people in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of Western China. Significant communities of Uyghur-speakers are located in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, and various other countries have Uyghur-speaking expatriate communities. Uyghur is an official language of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, and is widely used in both social and official spheres, as well as in print, radio, and television, and is used as a lingua franca by other ethnic minorities in Xinjiang. Uyghur belongs to the Karluk branch of the Turkic language family, which also includes languages such as Salar and the more distantly related Uzbek. Like many other Turkic languages, Uyghur displays vowel harmony and agglutination, lacks noun classes or grammatical gender, and is a left-branching language with subject–object–verb word order. More distinctly Uyghur processes include, especially in northern dialects, vowel reduction and umlauting. In addition to influence of other Turkic languages, Uyghur has historically been influenced strongly by Persian and Arabic, and more recently by Mandarin Chinese and Russian. The Arabic-derived writing system is the most common and the only standard in China, although other writing systems are used for auxiliary and historical purposes. Unlike most Arabic-derived scripts, the Uyghur Arabic alphabet has mandatory marking of all vowels. Two Latin and one Cyrillic alphabet are also used, though to a much lesser extent. The Arabic and Latin alphabets have 32 characters, while the Cyrillic alphabet adds two characters ⟨Я⟩ and ⟨Ю⟩ to represent the sequences /ja/ and /ju/.
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Names (more)

[af] Uighur
[am] ኡዊግሁርኛ
[ar] الأغورية
[az] Uyğur dili
[be] уйгурская
[bn] ইউঘুর
[bo] ཡུ་གུར་སྐད།
[bs] ujgurski
[br] Ouigoureg
[bg] Уйгурски език
[ca] Uigur
[cs] Ujgurština
[cv] Уйгур чĕлхи
[cy] Uighur
[da] uigurisk
[de] Uigurisch
[dz] ཝི་གུར་ཁ
[el] Ουιγκούρ
[en] Uighur
[eo] Ujgura lingvo
[et] uiguuri keel
[eu] uigurrera
[ee] uighurgbe
[fo] uighur
[fa] اویغوری
[fi] Uiguurin kieli
[fr] Ouïghour
[gd] Ùigiurais
[ga] ug
[gl] uigur
[gu] ઇગુર
[ha] Ugiranci
[he] אויגהור
[hi] उइगुर भाषा
[hr] uighur
[hu] ujgur
[hy] Ույղուրերեն
[ia] Uyghur
[id] Bahasa Uighur
[is] Úýgúríska
[it] Lingua uigura
[ja] ウイグル
[kn] ಉಯಿಘರ್
[ka] უიგურული
[kk] ұйғыр
[km] អ៊ុយហ្គឺរ
[rw] Ikiwiguri
[kv] Уйгур кыв
[ko] 위구르어
[lo] ອຸຍເຄີ
[lv] Uiguru valoda
[lt] Uigūrų kalba
[ml] ഉയ്ഘുർ
[mr] उईघुर
[mk] Ујгурски јазик
[mt] Wigur
[ms] Bahasa Uyghur
[ne] उइघुर
[nl] Oeigoers
[nn] uigurisk
[nb] uigurisk
[no] Uigurisk
[or] ୟୁଘୁର୍
[pa] ਉਇਘੁਰ
[pl] Język ujgurski
[pt] Língua uigur
[ps] اويگور
[qu] Uyq'ur simi
[rm] uiguric
[ro] uigur
[ru] Уйгурский язык
[si] උයිගර්
[sk] Ujgurčina
[sl] ujgurščina
[es] Idioma uigur
[sq] Ujgur
[sr] Ујгурски
[sv] Uiguriska
[ta] உய்குர் மொழி
[tt] Уйгур теле
[te] ఉయ్ఘుర్
[tg] Забони уйғурӣ
[tl] Wikang Uighur
[th] ภาษาอุยกูร์
[to] lea fakaʻuika
[tr] Uygurca
[ug] ئۇيغۇر تىلى
[uk] Уйгурська мова
[ur] یوئگہر
[uz] Uygʻur tili
[vi] Tiếng Uighur
[xh] Isi Uighur
[zh] 维吾尔语
[zu] isi-Uighur

Language type : Living

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