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Xhosa /ˈkoʊsə/ is one of the official languages of South Africa. Xhosa is spoken by approximately 7.9 million people, or about 18% of the South African population. Like most Bantu languages, Xhosa is a tonal language, that is, the same sequence of consonants and vowels can have different meanings when said with a rising or falling or high or low intonation. One of the most distinctive features of the language is the prominence of click consonants; the word Xhosa begins with a click. Xhosa is written using a Latin alphabet. Three letters are used to indicate the basic clicks: c for dental clicks, x for lateral clicks, and q for post-alveolar clicks (for a more detailed explanation, see the table of consonant phonemes, below). Tones are not indicated in the written form.
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Names (more)

[af] Xhosa
[am] ዞሳኛ
[ar] الخوسا
[az] xosa dili
[be] хоса
[bn] খোসা ভাষা
[bs] khosa
[br] Xhosaeg
[bg] Кхоса
[ca] Xosa
[cs] xhoština
[cv] Коса чĕлхи
[cy] Xhosa
[da] xhosa
[de] IsiXhosa
[dz] ཞོ་ས་ཁ
[el] Ζόσα
[en] Xhosa language
[eo] Kosa lingvo
[et] koosa
[eu] Xhosera
[ee] xhosagbe
[fo] xhosa
[fa] خوسایی
[fi] Xhosan kieli
[fr] Xhosa
[gd] Xhosa
[ga] Cósais
[gl] Lingua xhosa
[gu] ખોસા
[ha] Bazosa
[he] קסוסה
[hi] षोसा
[hr] xhosa
[hu] hosza
[hy] Խոշերեն
[io] Xosa-linguo
[ia] xhosa
[id] Bahasa Xhosa
[is] sósa
[it] Lingua xhosa
[ja] コサ語
[kn] ಷೋಸಾ
[ks] کھوسا
[ka] ქსოზა
[kk] хоса
[km] ឃសា
[rw] Ikigisosa
[kg] Kixhosa
[ko] 코사어
[lo] ໂຊຊາ
[lv] Isiķhosa
[li] Xhosa
[lt] Kosų kalba
[ml] ഖോസാ
[mr] खोसा
[mk] Коса
[mg] Fiteny Xhosa
[mt] Ħoża
[ne] खोसा
[nl] Xhosa
[nn] Xhosa
[nb] xhosa
[no] Xhosa
[oc] Xhosa
[or] ଖୋସା
[om] Afaan Xhosa
[pl] Język xhosa
[pt] Língua xhosa
[ps] خوسا
[qu] Xhosa simi
[rm] xhosa
[ro] xhosa
[ru] Коса
[si] ශෝසා
[sk] xhosa
[sl] xhosa
[so] Hoosta
[st] se Xhosa
[es] Idioma xhosa
[sq] Gjuha xhosa
[sr] Ксхоса
[sw] Kixhosa
[sv] Xhosa
[ta] சோசா மொழி
[te] షోసా
[th] คะห์โอซา
[ti] ዞሳኛ
[to] lea fakatōsa
[tn] IsiXhosa
[tr] Xhosa dili
[uk] Коса
[ur] ژوسا
[vi] Tiếng Xhosa
[xh] IsiXhosa
[yo] Èdè Xhosa
[zh] 科萨语
[zu] IsiXhosa

Language type : Living

Official language : South Africa,

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