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The Kongo language, or Kikongo, is the Bantu language spoken by the Bakongo and Bandundu people living in the tropical forests of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Republic of the Congo and Angola. It is a tonal language and formed the base for Kituba, a Bantu creole and lingua franca throughout much of west central Africa. It was spoken by many of those who were taken from the region and sold as slaves in the Americas. For this reason, while Kongo still is spoken in the above-mentioned countries, creolized forms of the language are found in ritual speech of African-derived religions in Brazil, Jamaica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and especially in Haiti. It is also one of the sources of the Gullah people's language and the Palenquero creole in Colombia. The vast majority of present-day speakers live in Africa. There are roughly seven million native speakers of Kongo, with perhaps two million more who use it as a second language. It is also the base for a creole used throughout the region: Kituba also called Kikongo de L'état or Kikongo ya Leta (Kongo of the state in French or Kongo), Kituba and Monokituba (also Munukituba). The constitution of the Republic of the Congo uses the name Kitubà, and the one of the Democratic Republic of the Congo uses the term Kikongo, even if Kituba is used in the administration.
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Names (more)

[af] Kongolees
[am] ኮንጎኛ
[ar] الكونغو
[az] konqo dili
[bn] কঙ্গো ভাষা
[bs] kongo
[br] Kongoeg
[bg] конгоански
[ca] Llengües kongo
[cs] Konžština
[cy] Congo
[da] Kikongo
[de] Kikongo
[el] Κονγκό
[en] Kongo language
[eo] Konga lingvo
[et] kongo
[eu] Kikongo
[ee] kongogbe
[fa] کنگویی
[fi] Kongon kieli
[fr] Kikongo
[gl] Congolés
[gu] કોંગો
[he] קונגו
[hi] कोंगो
[hr] kongo
[hu] kongo
[id] Bahasa Kongo
[is] kongóska
[it] Lingua kongo
[ja] コンゴ語
[kn] ಕೊಂಗೊ
[ks] کونٛگو
[ka] კონგო
[kg] Kisikongo
[ko] 콩고어
[lo] ຄອງໂກ
[lv] kongu
[ln] Kikɔ́ngɔ
[lt] Kongo kalba
[ml] കോംഗോ
[mr] काँगो
[mk] конго
[mt] Kongo
[my] ကွန်ဂို
[nl] Kikongo
[nn] kikongo
[nb] kikongo
[no] Kongo
[or] କଙ୍ଗୋ
[pl] Język kongo
[pt] Kikongo
[qu] Kongo simi
[rm] kongo
[ro] congoleză
[ru] Конго
[sk] kongčina
[sl] kongovščina
[es] Kikongo
[sr] Конго
[sw] Kikoongo
[sv] Kikongo
[ta] காங்கோ
[te] కోంగో
[th] คองโก
[to] lea fakakongikō
[tr] Kongo Dili
[uk] Конго
[ur] کانگو
[vi] Tiếng Congo
[wa] Kicongo
[yo] Kikongo
[zh] 刚果语
[zu] Isi-Kongo

Language type : Living

Official language : Republic of the Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo,

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