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The Sotho language, also known as Sesotho, Southern Sotho, or Southern Sesotho, is a Bantu language spoken primarily in South Africa, where it is one of the 11 official languages, and in Lesotho, where it is the national language. It is an agglutinative language which uses numerous affixes and derivational and inflexional rules to build complete words. Notes: The orthography used in this and related articles is that of South Africa, not Lesotho. For a discussion of the differences between the two see the notes on Sesotho orthography. Hovering the mouse cursor over most italic Sesotho text should reveal an IPA pronunciation key (excluding tones).
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Names (more)

[af] Suid-Sotho
[am] ሶዞኛ
[ar] السوتو الجنوبية
[az] Sesoto dili
[bn] দক্ষিন সোথো
[bs] sesoto
[br] Sothoeg
[bg] Сесото
[ca] sotho meridional
[cs] sotština (jižní)
[cy] Sesotheg
[da] Sesotho
[de] Süd-Sotho-Sprache
[el] Νότια Σόθο
[en] Sotho language
[eo] Sota lingvo
[et] lõunasotho
[eu] Sothoera
[ee] anyiehe sothogbe
[fo] sesotho
[fa] زبان سوتو
[fi] Eteläsothon kieli
[fr] Sotho du Sud
[ga] Sótais Dheisceartach
[gl] sesoto
[gu] સદર્ન સોથો
[ha] Sesotanci
[he] ססות׳ו
[hi] सिसोथो भाषा
[hr] sesotski
[hu] szeszotó
[hy] Սեսոտո
[ia] sesotho
[id] Bahasa Sesotho
[is] suðursótó
[it] Lingua sotho del sud
[ja] ソト語
[kn] ದಕ್ಷಿಣ ಸೋಥೋ
[ks] جنوٗبی سوتھو
[ka] სამხრეთ სოთოს ენა
[kk] сесото
[km] សេសូដូ
[rw] Inyesesoto
[ky] сесото
[ko] 소토어 (남부)
[lo] ໂຊໂທໃຕ້
[lv] dienvidsotu
[lt] Sesoto kalba
[ml] തെക്കൻ സോതോ
[mr] सेसोथो
[mk] сесото
[mt] Soto, t’Isfel
[nl] Zuid-Sotho
[nn] sørsotho
[nb] sør-sotho
[no] Sesotho
[or] ସେସୋଥୋ
[pl] Język sotho
[pt] SeSotho do sul
[ps] سيسوتو
[qu] Sesotho simi
[rm] sotho dal sid
[ro] sesotho
[ru] Сесото
[sk] južná sothčina
[sl] sesoto
[so] Sesooto
[st] Sesotho
[es] Idioma sesotho
[sq] Gjuha sesote
[sr] Сесото
[su] Basa Sotho
[sw] Kisotho-Kusini
[sv] Sesotho
[ta] சோத்தோ மொழி
[te] దక్షిణ సోతో
[th] โซโทใต้
[ti] ሰሴቶ
[to] lea sofo fakatonga
[tr] Güney Sotho
[ug] سېسوتوچە
[uk] Сесото
[ur] جنوبی سوتھو
[vi] Tiếng Sesotho
[xh] IsiSotho
[yo] Èdè Sesoto
[zh] 塞索托语
[zu] IsiSuthu

Language type : Living

Official language : Lesotho, South Africa,

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