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The Armenian language (hayeren) is an Indo-European language spoken by the Armenians. It is the official language of the Republic of Armenia and the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. The language is also widely spoken by Armenian communities in the Armenian diaspora. It has its own script, the Armenian alphabet, and is of interest to linguists for its distinctive phonological developments within Indo-European. Linguists classify Armenian as an independent branch of the Indo-European language family. Armenian shares a number of major innovations with Greek, and some linguists group these two languages together with Phrygian and the Indo-Iranian family into a higher-level subgroup of Indo-European which is defined by such shared innovations as the augment. More recently, others have proposed a Balkan grouping including Greek, Armenian, Phrygian and Albanian. Armenian has a long literary history, with a fifth-century Bible translation as its oldest surviving text. Its vocabulary has been heavily influenced by Western Middle Iranian languages, particularly Parthian, and to a lesser extent by Greek, Latin, Old French, Persian, Arabic, Turkish, and other languages throughout its history. There are two standardized modern literary forms, Eastern Armenian and Western Armenian, with which most contemporary dialects are mutually intelligible. The divergent and almost extinct Lomavren language is a Romani-influenced dialect with an Armenian grammar and a largely Romani-derived vocabulary, including Romani numbers.
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Names (more)

[af] Armeens
[am] አርመናዊ
[ar] الأرمينية
[az] Ermənicə
[be] армянская
[bn] আর্মেনিয়
[bs] jermenski
[br] armenianeg
[bg] арменски
[ca] armeni
[cs] arménština
[cy] Armeneg
[da] armensk
[de] Armenisch
[dz] ཨར་མི་ནི་ཡཱན་ཁ
[el] Αρμενικά
[en] Armenian
[eo] armena
[et] armeenia
[eu] armeniera
[ee] armeniagbe
[fo] armenskt
[fa] ارمنی
[fi] armenia
[fr] arménien
[gd] Airmeinis
[ga] Airméinis
[gl] armenio
[gu] આર્મેનિયન
[ha] Armeniyanci
[he] ארמנית
[hi] अरमेनियन्
[hr] armenski
[hu] örmény
[hy] Հայերէն
[ia] armeniano
[id] Armenia
[is] armenska
[it] armeno
[ja] アルメニア語
[kn] ಅರ್ಮೇನಿಯನ್
[ks] اَرمینیَن
[ka] სომხური
[kk] армян
[km] អារមេនី
[rw] Ikinyarumeniya
[ko] 아르메니아어
[lo] ອາກເມນີ
[lv] armēņu
[lt] armėnų
[ml] അർമേനിയൻ
[mr] आर्मेनियन
[mk] ерменски
[mt] Armenjan
[ne] आर्मेनियाली
[nl] Armeens
[nn] armensk
[nb] armensk
[or] ଆର୍ମେନିଆନ୍
[os] сомихаг
[pl] ormiański
[pt] arménio
[ps] ارمني
[rm] armen
[ro] armeană
[ru] армянский
[si] ආර්මේනියානු
[sk] arménčina
[sl] armenščina
[se] armeenagiella
[so] Armeeniyaan
[es] armenio
[sq] Armen
[sr] Јерменски
[sv] armeniska
[ta] ஆர்மேனியன்
[te] ఆర్మేనియన్
[th] อาร์เมเนีย
[to] lea fakaʻaminiume
[tr] Ermenice
[uk] вірменська
[ur] ارمینی
[vi] Tiếng Ác-mê-ni
[xh] isiArmenian
[yo] Èdè Ile Armenia
[zu] isi-Armenia

Language type : Living

Official language : Armenia,

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