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Aragonese is a Romance language spoken by between 10,000 and 30,000 people throughout the valleys of the Pyrenees in Aragon, Spain, mainly in the comarcas of Somontano de Barbastro, Jacetania, Alto Gállego, Sobrarbe, and Ribagorza. It is the only modern language that developed from medieval Navarro-Aragonese. While informally known as fabla (talk or speech), Aragonese is also commonly referred to by the names of its numerous local dialects which arose from fragmentation the language underwent over the centuries.
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Names (more)

[ar] الأراجونية
[an] Idioma aragonés
[az] Araqon dili
[be] Арагонская мова
[bn] আর্গোনিজ
[bs] aragonežanski
[br] Aragoneg
[bg] Арагонски език
[ca] Aragonès
[cs] Aragonština
[cv] Арагон чĕлхи
[kw] Aragonek
[co] Lingua aragunesa
[cy] Aragoneg
[da] Aragonisk
[de] Aragonesisch
[el] Αραγκονικά
[en] Aragonese language
[eo] Aragona lingvo
[et] aragoni
[eu] Aragoiera
[fa] آراگونی
[fi] Aragonian kieli
[fr] Aragonais
[ga] An Aragóinis
[gl] Lingua aragonesa
[gv] Aragonish
[gu] અર્ગોનીઝ
[sh] Aragonski jezik
[he] אראגונית
[hi] अर्गोनी
[hr] Aragonski jezik
[hu] Aragóniai nyelv
[io] Aragoniana linguo
[ia] Lingua aragonese
[id] Aragon
[is] Aragónska
[it] Lingua aragonese
[ja] アラゴン語
[kn] ಅರಗೊನೀಸ್
[ks] اَراگونی
[km] ភាសាអារ៉ាហ្គោន
[rw] Icyaragoneze
[ko] 아라곤어
[ku] Zimanê aragonî
[lo] ອາຣາໂກເນັດ
[la] Lingua Aragonensis
[lv] Aragoniešu valoda
[li] Aragonees
[lt] aragonesų
[ml] അരഗോണീസ്
[mr] अर्गोनीज
[mk] Арагонски јазик
[mt] Aragonese
[mi] Reo Aragon
[ms] Bahasa Aragones
[nl] Aragonees
[nn] aragonsk
[nb] aragonsk
[no] Aragonesisk
[oc] Aragonés
[or] ଆର୍ଗୋନୀ
[pl] Język aragoński
[pt] Língua aragonesa
[rm] aragonais
[ro] Limba aragoneză
[ru] Арагонский язык
[sk] aragónčina
[sl] aragonščina
[se] Aragoniagiella
[es] Idioma aragonés
[sc] Limba aragonesa
[sr] Арагонежански
[sv] Aragonska
[ta] ஆராகோனீசிய மொழி
[te] అరగోనిస్
[th] ภาษาอารากอน
[tr] Aragonca
[ug] ئاراگون تىلى
[uk] Арагонська мова
[vi] Tiếng Aragon
[zh] 阿拉贡语

Language type : Living

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