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Maldivian, or Dhivehi (ދިވެހި Divehi), is an Indo-Aryan language predominantly spoken by about 350,000 people in the Maldives where it is the national language. It is also the first language of nearly 10,000 people in the island of Minicoy in the Union territory of Lakshadweep, India, where the Mahl dialect of the Maldivian language is spoken. It is written in the Thaana script. The major dialects of Maldivian are Malé, Huvadhu, Mulaku, Addu, Haddhunmathee and Maliku. The standard form of Maldivian is Malé, which is spoken in the Maldivian capital of the same name. The Maliku dialect spoken in Minicoy is officially referred as Mahl by the Lakshadweep administration. This has been adopted by many authors when referring to Maldivian spoken in Minicoy. Maldivian is closely related to Sinhalese, but not mutually intelligible with it. Many languages have influenced the development of the Maldivian language through the ages, most importantly Arabic. Others include French, Persian, Portuguese, Urdu and English. The English words atoll (a ring of coral islands or reefs) and dhoni (a vessel for inter-atoll navigation) are anglicised forms of the Maldivian words Atoḷu and Dōni.
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Names (more)

[af] Divehi
[am] ዲቬህ
[ar] المالديفية
[an] Dhivehi
[az] diveh dili
[bn] দিবেহি
[bs] divehijski
[br] Diveheg
[bg] Дивехи
[ca] Divehi
[cs] Divehi
[cy] Difehi
[da] Dhivehi
[de] Dhivehi
[dv] ދިވެހި
[dz] དི་བེ་ཧི་ཁ
[el] Ντιβέχι γλώσσα
[en] Dhivehi language
[eo] Mahla lingvo
[et] maldiivi
[eu] Maldivera
[ee] divehgbe
[fo] divehi
[fa] زبان دیوهی
[fi] Divehin kieli
[fr] Divehi
[gd] Divehi
[gl] divehi
[gu] દિવેહી
[he] דיבהי
[hi] दिवेही
[hr] divehi
[hu] Maldív nyelv
[id] Bahasa Divehi
[is] dívehí
[it] Lingua maldiviana
[ja] ディベヒ語
[kn] ದಿವೆಹಿ
[ks] دِویہی
[kk] Мальдив
[ko] 디베히어
[lo] ດີວີຮີ
[la] Lingua Dhivehi
[lv] Maldīviešu valoda
[lt] divehi
[ml] ദിവെഹി ഭാഷ
[mr] दिवॅही
[mk] дивехи
[mt] Diveħi
[ms] Bahasa Divehi
[nl] Divehi
[nn] divehi
[nb] divehi
[no] Dhivehi
[or] ଡିଭେହୀ
[pl] Język malediwski
[pt] Língua divehi
[rm] maledivic
[ro] divehi
[ru] Мальдивский язык
[si] දිවෙහි
[sk] Maldivčina
[sl] diveščina
[se] divehigiella
[es] Idioma dhivehi
[sr] Дивехијски
[sv] Divehi
[ta] திவெயி மொழி
[te] దివేహి
[th] ธิเวหิ
[to] lea tivehi
[tr] Divehi
[uk] Мальдівська мова
[ur] ڈیویہی
[vi] Tiếng Dhivehi
[zh] 迪维希语
[zu] isi-Divehi

Language type : Living

Official language : Maldives,

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