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Akan, also known as Twi and Fante, is an Akan language that is the principal native language of Akan lands in Ghana, spoken over much of the southern half of that country, by about 58% of the population, and among 30% of the population of Ivory Coast. Three dialects have been developed as literary standards with distinct orthographies, Asante, Akuapem (together called Twi), and Fante, which despite being mutually intelligible were inaccessible in written form to speakers of the other standards. In 1978 the Akan Orthography Committee (AOC) established a common orthography for all of Akan, which is used as the medium of instruction in primary school by speakers of several other Akan languages such as Anyi, Sefwi, Ahanta, and the Guang languages. The Akan Orthography Committee has compiled a unified orthography of 20,000 words. The adinkra symbols are old ideograms. The language came to the Caribbean and South America, notably in Suriname spoken by the Ndyuka and in Jamaica by the Jamaican Maroons known as Coromantee, with enslaved people from the region. The descendants of escaped slaves in the interior of Suriname and the Maroons in Jamaica still use a form of this language, including Akan naming convention, in which children are named after the day of the week on which they are born, e.g. Akwasi (for a boy) or Akosua (girl) born on a Sunday. In Jamaica and Suriname the Anansi spider stories are well known.
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Names (more)

[af] Akan
[ak] Akan
[am] አካንኛ
[ar] الأكانية
[az] akanca
[bm] akankan
[bn] আকান
[bs] akan
[br] Akaneg
[bg] акан
[ca] Àkan
[cs] Akanština
[cy] Acaneg
[da] akan
[de] Akan
[el] Ακάν
[en] Akan language
[eo] Akanaj lingvoj
[et] akani
[eu] Akanera
[ee] blugbe
[fa] آکان
[fi] Akanin kieli
[fr] Akan
[ff] Akaan
[gl] Akán
[gv] Akanish
[gu] અકાન
[ha] Akan
[he] אקאן
[hi] अकन
[hr] akanski
[hu] akan
[ig] Akan
[id] Akan
[is] Akanmál
[it] Lingua akan
[ja] アカン語
[kn] ಅಕಾನ್
[ks] اَکان
[ki] Kiakan
[ko] 아칸어
[lo] ອາການ
[lv] Akanu valodas
[ln] akan
[lt] Akanų kalba
[lu] Liakan
[lg] Lu-akaani
[ml] അകാൻ
[mr] अकान
[mk] акан
[mg] Akan
[mt] Akan
[nd] isi-Akhani
[nl] Akan
[nn] akan
[nb] akan
[no] Akan
[or] ଅକନ୍
[pl] Język akan
[pt] Língua akan
[qu] Akan simi
[rm] akan
[ro] akan
[rn] Igikani
[ru] Акан
[sg] Akâan
[sk] akančina
[sl] akanščina
[sn] chiAkani
[so] Akan
[es] Idioma acano
[sr] Акан
[sw] Kiakan
[sv] Akan
[ta] அகன மொழி
[te] అకాన్
[th] อาคัน
[to] lea fakaʻakani
[tr] Akan
[tw] Akan
[uk] Акан
[ur] اکان
[vi] Tiếng Akan
[yo] Èdè Akani
[zh] 阿坎语
[zu] I-Akan

Language type : Living

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