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Afar (Qafár af) is a Lowland East Cushitic language spoken in Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti. It is believed to have 1.5 million speakers, the Afar. The basic word order in Afar, like in other East Cushitic languages, is subject–object–verb. Its speakers have a literacy rate of between one and three per cent. Its closest relative is the Saho language. In Eritrea, Afar is recognized as one of nine national languages which formally enjoy equal status (though Tigrinya and Arabic are by far of greatest significance in official usage). There are daily broadcasts in the national radio and a translated version of the Eritrean constitution. In education, however, Afar speakers prefer Arabic – which many of them speak as a second language – as the language of instruction. In the Afar Region of Ethiopia, Afar is partially used in some of the few schools, while Amharic is the region's working language.
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Names (more)

[aa] Qafar
[am] አፋርኛ
[ar] الأفارية
[az] afarca
[bn] আফার
[bs] afarski
[br] Afareg
[bg] Афарски език
[ca] Llengua àfar
[cs] Afarština
[cy] Affareg
[da] afar
[de] Afar
[dz] ཨ་ཕར་ཁ
[el] Αφάρ
[en] Afar language
[eo] Afara lingvo
[et] afari
[eu] Afarrera
[fa] آفاری
[fi] Afarin kieli
[fr] Afar
[gd] Afar
[ga] aa
[gl] Lingua afar
[gu] અફાર
[sh] Afarski jezik
[he] אפארית
[hi] अफ़ार भाषा
[hr] Afarski jezik
[hu] afar
[id] Afar
[is] afár
[it] Lingua afar
[ja] アファル語
[kn] ಅಫಾರ್
[ks] اَفار
[km] ភាសាអាហ្វារ
[ko] 아파르어
[lo] ອະຟາ
[la] Lingua Afarica
[lv] Afāru valoda
[lt] Afarų kalba
[ml] അഫാർ
[mr] अफार
[mk] афар
[mt] Afar
[ms] Bahasa Afar
[nl] Afar
[nn] afar
[nb] afar
[no] Afar
[or] ଅଫାର୍
[pl] Język afar
[pt] Língua afar
[rm] afar
[ro] afar
[ru] Афарский язык
[sk] Afarčina
[sl] afarščina
[so] Af-Cafari
[es] Idioma afar
[sq] Gjuha afare
[sr] Афарски
[sv] Afar
[ta] அஃபார்
[te] అఫార్
[th] อะฟาร์
[tr] Afar
[uk] Афар
[vi] Tiếng Afar
[zh] 阿法爾語

Language type : Living

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