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Guaraní, specifically the primary variety known as Paraguayan Guaraní, is an indigenous language of South America that belongs to the Tupí–Guaraní subfamily of the Tupian languages. It is one of the official languages of Paraguay, where it is spoken by the majority of the population, and where half of the rural population is monolingual. It is spoken by communities in neighbouring countries, including parts of northeastern Argentina, southeastern Bolivia and southwestern Brazil, and is a second official language of the Argentine province of Corrientes since 2004; it is also an official language of Mercosur. Guaraní is the only indigenous language of the Americas whose speakers include a large proportion of non-indigenous people. This is an anomaly in the Americas where language shift towards European colonial languages (in this case, the other official language of Spanish) has otherwise been a nearly universal cultural and identity marker of mestizos, and also of culturally assimilated, upwardly mobile Amerindian people. Jesuit priest Antonio Ruiz de Montoya, who in 1639 published a book called Tesoro de la lengua guaraní (The Treasure of the Guaraní Language), described it as a language so copious and elegant that it can compete with the most famous [of languages]. The name Guarani is generally used for the official language of Paraguay. However, this is part of a dialect chain, most of whose components are also often called Guaraní. See Guaraní dialects.
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Names (more)

[af] Guarani
[am] ጓራኒኛ
[ar] الجواراني
[az] quaranicə
[be] гуарані
[bn] গুয়ারানি
[bs] gvarani
[br] guarani
[bg] гуарани
[ca] guaraní
[cs] guaranština
[cy] Gwarani
[da] guarani
[de] Guarani
[dz] གུ་ཝ་ར་ནི་ཁ
[el] Γκουαρανί
[en] Guarani
[eo] gvarania
[et] guaranii
[eu] guaraniera
[ee] guarangbe
[fo] guarani
[fa] گوارانی
[fi] guarani
[fr] guarani
[gd] Guaraní
[ga] Guaráinis
[gl] guaraní
[gu] ગુઆરાની
[ha] Guwaraniyanci
[he] גוארני
[hi] गुआरानी
[hr] guarani
[hu] guarani
[hy] Գուարաներեն
[ia] guarani
[id] Guarani
[is] gvaraní
[it] guarana
[ja] グアラニー語
[kn] ಗೌರಾನಿ
[ks] گُوارَنی
[ka] გუარანი
[kk] гуарани
[km] ហ្គូរ៉ានី
[rw] Inyaguwarani
[ky] гуараш
[ko] 과라니어
[lo] ກົວຣານີ
[lv] gvaranu
[lt] gvaranių
[ml] ഗ്വാറാനി
[mr] गुआरनी
[mk] гуарани
[mt] Gwarani
[ne] गुजरानी
[nl] Guaraní
[nn] guarani
[nb] guarani
[or] ଗୁଆରାନୀ
[om] Afaan Guarani
[pl] guarani
[pt] guarani
[ps] ګوراني
[rm] guarani
[ro] guarani
[ru] гуарани
[si] ගුවාරනි
[sk] guaraní
[sl] gvaranijščina
[so] Guraani
[st] Guarani
[es] guaraní
[sq] Guarani
[sr] Гварани
[sv] guaraní
[ta] குரானி
[te] గురాని
[tg] Горанӣ
[th] กวารานี
[ti] ጓራኒ
[to] lea kualani
[tr] Guarani Dili
[uk] гуарані
[ur] گُارانی
[vi] Tiếng Guarani
[xh] Guarani
[yo] Èdè Guarani
[zu] isi-Guarani

Language type : Living

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