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Aymara (Aymar aru) is an Aymaran language spoken by the Aymara people of the Andes. It is one of only a handful of Native American languages with over three million speakers. Aymara, along with Quechua and Spanish, is an official language of Bolivia. It is also spoken around the Lake Titicaca region of southern Peru and, to a much lesser extent, by some communities in northern Chile and in Northwest Argentina. Some linguists have claimed that Aymara is related to its more widely spoken neighbour, Quechua. This claim, however, is disputed — although there are indeed similarities such as the nearly identical phonologies, the majority position among linguists today is that these similarities are better explained as areal features resulting from prolonged interaction between the two languages, and that they are not demonstrably related. The Aymara language is an agglutinating and to a certain extent polysynthetic language, and has a subject–object–verb word order.
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Names (more)

[af] Aymara
[am] አያማርኛ
[ar] الأيمارا
[an] Idioma aimara
[ay] Aymar aru
[az] aymarca
[be] аймара
[bn] আইমারা ভাষা
[bs] ajmara
[br] Aymareg
[bg] Аймара
[ca] Aimara
[cs] Ajmarština
[da] Aymara
[de] Aymara
[el] Αϊμάρα
[en] Aymara language
[eo] Ajmara lingvo
[et] aimara
[eu] Aimara
[ee] aymargbe
[fo] aymara
[fa] آیمارایی
[fi] Aimaran kieli
[fr] Aymara
[gl] Lingua aimará
[gv] Aymarish
[gn] Aimarañe'ẽ
[gu] આયમારા
[he] איימארית
[hi] आयमारा
[hr] Ajmarski jezik
[hu] ajmara
[io] Aymarana linguo
[id] Aymara
[is] Aímaríska
[it] Lingua aymara
[ja] アイマラ語
[kn] ಅಯ್ಮಾರಾ
[ks] ایمارا
[ka] აიმარა
[kk] Аймара
[km] ភាសាអីម៉ារ៉ា
[ko] 아이마라어
[lo] ອາຍມາລາ
[la] Lingua Aymara
[lv] Aimaru valoda
[lt] Aimarų kalba
[ml] അയ്മാറ
[mr] आयमारा भाषा
[mk] Ајмарски јазик
[mt] Ajmara
[mi] Reo Aymara
[ms] Bahasa Aymara
[nv] Aymara bizaad
[nl] Aymara
[nn] Aymara
[nb] aymara
[no] Aymara
[or] ଆୟମାରା
[os] Аймараг æвзаг
[pl] Język ajmara
[pt] Língua aimará
[qu] Aymara simi
[rm] aymara
[ro] aymara
[ru] Аймара
[sk] aymarčina
[sl] Ajmarščina
[es] Idioma aimara
[sq] Gjuha aymara
[sr] Ајмара
[sv] Aymara
[ta] அய்மரா
[te] ఐమారా
[th] ไอย์มารา
[to] lea ʻaimala
[tr] Aymara
[uk] Аймара
[ur] ایمارا
[vi] Tiếng Aymara
[wa] Aymara
[zh] 艾馬拉語
[zu] isi-Aymara

Language type : Living

Official language : Peru,

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