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Diné bizaad


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Navajo or Navaho (Diné bizaad) is an Athabaskan language of Na-Dené stock spoken in the southwestern United States. It is geographically and linguistically one of the Southern Athabaskan languages (the majority of Athabaskan languages are spoken in northwest Canada and Alaska). Navajo has more speakers than any other Native American language north of the U.S. –Mexico border, with between 120,000 and 170,700 speakers.
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Names (more)

[ar] النافاجو
[az] navayo dili
[bn] নাভাজো
[bs] navaho
[br] Navac'hoeg
[bg] навахо
[ca] navaho
[cs] Navažština
[cy] Nafaho
[da] navajo
[de] Navajo
[el] Νάβαχο
[en] Navaho
[eo] Navaha lingvo
[et] navaho
[fa] ناواهویی
[fi] Navajo
[fr] Navajo
[gd] Navajo
[ga] Navachóis
[gl] Lingua navajo
[gv] Navajo
[gu] નાવાજો
[he] נאוואחו
[hi] नावाजो
[hr] navajo
[hu] navahó
[id] Bahasa Navajo
[is] Navajóíska
[it] Lingua navajo
[jv] Basa Navajo
[ja] ナバホ語
[kn] ನವಾಜೊ
[ks] نَواجو
[ka] ნავახო
[ko] 나바호어
[ku] Zimanê navaho
[lo] ນາວາໂຈ
[lv] navahu
[li] Navajo
[lt] Navahų kalba
[ml] നവാഹൊ
[mr] नावाजो
[mk] Навахо
[mt] Navaħo
[nv] Diné bizaad
[nl] Navajo
[nn] navajo
[nb] navajo
[or] ନାଭାଜୋ
[pl] Język nawaho
[pt] Língua navaja
[qu] Diné simi
[rm] navajo
[ro] Limba navajo
[ru] Навахо
[sk] navajo
[sl] navajščina
[es] Idioma navajo
[sr] Навахо
[sv] Navajo
[ta] நவாஜோ
[te] నవాహో
[th] นาวาโฮ
[tr] Navaho Dili
[uk] Навахо
[vi] Tiếng Navajo
[zh] 納瓦荷語

Language type : Living

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