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Volapük perevidöl


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Volapük is a constructed language, created in 1879–1880 by Johann Martin Schleyer, a Roman Catholic priest in Baden, Germany. Schleyer felt that God had told him in a dream to create an international language. Volapük conventions took place in 1884, 1887 and 1889. The first two conventions used German, and the last conference used only Volapük. In 1889, there were an estimated 283 clubs, 25 periodicals in or about Volapük, and 316 textbooks in 25 languages; at that time the language claimed nearly a million adherents. Volapük was largely displaced in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, specifically by Esperanto, Ido, and Interlingua.
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Names (more)

[af] Volapük
[am] ቮላፑክኛ
[ar] فولابوك
[an] Volapük
[az] Volapük
[be] Валапюк
[bn] ভোলাপুক
[bs] volapük
[br] volapük
[bg] Волапюк
[ca] Volapük
[cs] Volapük
[ce] Volapyukhoyn mott
[cy] Volapük
[da] Volapyk
[de] Volapük
[el] Βολαπιούκ
[en] Volapük
[eo] Volapuko
[et] Volapük
[eu] Volapük
[fa] زبان ولاپوک
[fi] Volapük
[fr] Volapük
[fy] Folapúk
[gd] Volapük
[ga] Volapük
[gu] વોલાપુક
[sh] Volapik
[he] וולאפיק
[hi] वोलापुक
[hr] Volapük
[hu] Volapük nyelv
[io] Volapük
[ie] Volapük
[ia] Volapük
[id] Bahasa Volapük
[is] Volapük
[it] Volapük
[ja] ヴォラピュク
[kn] ವೋಲಾಪುಕ್
[ks] وولَپُک
[kk] Волапюк
[ko] 볼라퓌크
[ku] Volapük
[lo] ໂວລາພັກ
[la] Volapük
[lv] Volapiks
[li] Volapük
[lt] Volapiukas
[ml] വോളാപുക്
[mr] ओलापुक
[mk] Волапик
[mg] Fiteny volapoky
[mt] Volapuk
[ms] Volapük
[na] Volapük
[nl] Volapük
[nn] Volapük
[nb] volapyk
[no] Volapük
[oc] Volapük
[or] ବୋଲାପୁକ
[pl] Volapük
[pt] Volapuque
[rm] Volapük
[ro] Volapük
[ru] Волапюк
[sk] Volapük
[sl] Volapik
[es] Volapük
[sr] Волапик
[sv] Volapük
[ta] ஒலாபூக்
[te] వోలాపుక్
[th] ภาษาโวลาปุก
[tr] Volapük
[uk] Волапюк
[vi] Tiếng Volapük
[vo] Volapük perevidöl
[zh] 沃拉普克语

Language type : Constructed

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