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Inuktitut or Eastern Canadian Inuktitut, Eastern Canadian Inuit language is the name of some of the Inuit languages spoken in Canada. It is spoken in all areas north of the tree line, including parts of the provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec, to some extent in northeastern Manitoba as well as the territories of Nunavut, the Northwest Territories, and traditionally on the Arctic Ocean coast of Yukon. It is recognised as an official language in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. It also has legal recognition in Nunavik—a part of Québec—thanks in part to the James Bay and Northern Québec Agreement, and is recognised in the Charter of the French Language as the official language of instruction for Inuit school districts there. It also has some recognition in Nunatsiavut—the Inuit area in Labrador—following the ratification of its agreement with the government of Canada and the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The Canadian census reports that there are roughly 35,000 Inuktitut speakers in Canada, including roughly 200 who live regularly outside of traditionally Inuit lands. For more information on the relationship between Inuktitut and the Inuit languages spoken in Greenland and Alaska, see Inuit language.
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Names (more)

[am] እኑክቲቱትኛ
[ar] الإينكتيتت
[an] Idioma inuktitut
[az] inuktikut dili
[bn] ইনুক্টিটুট
[bs] inuktitut
[br] Inuktitut
[bg] Инуктитут
[ca] Inuktitut
[cs] inuktitutština
[cy] Inwctitwt
[da] Inuktitut
[de] Inukitut
[el] Ινουκτιτούτ
[en] Inuktitut
[eo] inuita
[et] Inuktituti keel
[eu] Inuktitutera
[fa] اینوکتیتوت
[fi] Inuktitut
[fr] Inuktitut
[gd] Inuktitut
[ga] Inuktitut
[gv] Inuktitut
[gu] ઇનુકિટૂટ
[he] אינוקטיטוט
[hi] इनूकीटूत्
[hr] inuktitut
[hu] Inuktitut nyelv
[iu] ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ
[id] Bahasa Inuktitut
[is] inúktitút
[it] Lingua inuktitut
[ja] イヌクウティトット語
[kn] ಇನುಕ್ಟಿಟುಟ್
[ks] اِنُکتِتوٗ
[ka] ინუკტიტუტი
[ko] 이누이트어
[lo] ອິນນຸກຕິຕັດ
[lv] inuītu
[li] Inuktitut
[lt] Inuktitutas
[ml] ഇനുക്റ്റിറ്റട്ട്
[mr] इनुकिटुट्
[mk] Инуктитутски јазик
[mt] Inukitut
[nl] Inuktitut
[nn] Inuktitut
[nb] inuktitut
[no] Inuktitut
[or] ଇନକୀଟୁତ୍
[pl] Inuktitut
[pt] Língua inuktitut
[qu] Inuyt simi
[rm] inuktitut
[ro] inuktitut
[ru] Инуктитут
[sk] inuktitut
[sl] inuktitutščina
[se] Inuktitut
[es] Lenguas inuit
[sr] Инуктитут
[sv] Inuktitut
[ta] இனுகிடூட்
[te] ఇనుక్టిటుట్
[th] อินุกติตุต
[tr] Doğu Kanada İnuitçesi
[uk] Інуктитут
[vi] Tiếng Inuktitut
[zh] 因纽特语

Language type : Living

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