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Dogri (macrolanguage)


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Dogri (डोगरी or ڈوگرى) is an Indo-Aryan language spoken by about five million people in India and Pakistan, chiefly in the Jammu region of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, but also in northern Punjab, other parts of Jammu and Kashmir, and elsewhere. Dogri speakers are called Dogras, and the Dogri-speaking region is called Duggar. Since Dogri, Kashmiri, Punjabi, Urdu and Hindi are spoken in a region that has witnessed significant ethnic and identity conflict, all have been exposed to the dialect versus language question. At various times, Western Pahari languages have been contended to be dialects of Punjabi, at others, some Western Pahari languages (such as Rambani) have been contended to be dialects of Kashmiri. Each of these languages possesses a central standard on which its literature is based, and from which there are multiple dialectal variations. Dogri is a member of the Western Pahari Group of languages. The language is referred to as Pahari (पहाड़ी or پھاڑی) in Pakistan. Unusually for an Indo-European language, Dogri is tonal, a trait it shares with other Western Pahari languages and Punjabi.
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Names (more)

[ar] الدوجري
[az] doqri dili
[bn] ডোগরি ভাষা
[bs] dogri
[br] Dogreg
[bg] догри
[ca] dogri
[cs] Dógrí
[cv] Догри
[cy] Dogri
[da] dogri
[de] Dogri
[el] Ντόγκρι
[en] Dogri (macrolanguage)
[eo] Dogra lingvo
[et] dogri
[fa] دوگری
[fi] dogri
[fr] Dogri
[gu] ડોગરી ભાષા
[sh] Dogri jezik
[he] דוגרי
[hi] डोगरी भाषा
[hr] dogri
[hu] dogri
[id] Dogri
[is] dogrí
[it] dogri
[ja] ドーグリー語
[kn] ಡೋಗ್ರಿ
[ks] ڈوگری
[ko] 도그리어
[lo] ດອກຣີ
[la] Lingua Dogurica
[lv] dogru
[lt] dogri
[ml] ഡോഗ്രി
[mr] डोगरी
[mk] догри
[mt] Dogri
[ne] डोगरी
[nl] Dogri
[nn] dogri
[nb] dogri
[no] Dogri
[or] ଡୋଗ୍ରୀ
[pl] Język dogri
[pt] Língua dogri
[rm] dogri
[ro] dogri
[ru] Догри
[sk] dógrí
[sl] dogri
[es] Idioma dogri
[sr] Догри језик
[sv] dogri
[ta] டோக்ரி
[te] డోగ్రి
[th] ภาษาโดกรี
[tr] Dogri
[uk] догрі
[vi] Tiếng Dogri

Language type : Living

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