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Dalmatian (or Dalmatic) was a Romance language spoken in the Dalmatia region of Croatia, and as far south as Kotor in Montenegro. The name refers to the region of Dalmatia. The Ragusan dialect of Dalmatian was the official language of the Republic of Ragusa, though in later times Italian (representing the Romance language population) or Croatian (for the Slavophone population) came to supersede it. Dalmatian speakers lived in the coastal towns Zadar (Dalmatian: Jadera), Trogir (Tragur), Spalato, Ragusa, and Kotor (Cattaro), each of these cities having a local dialect, and on the islands of Krk (Vikla), Cres (Crepsa) and Rab (Arba).
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Names (more)

[af] Dalmaties
[an] Idioma dalmata
[be] Далмацінская мова
[br] Yezhoù dalmatek
[bg] Далматински език
[ca] Dàlmata
[cs] Dalmatština
[de] Dalmatische Sprache
[en] Dalmatian language
[eo] Dalmata lingvo
[eu] Dalmaziera
[fa] زبان دالماتی
[fi] Dalmaatti
[fr] Dalmate
[gl] Lingua dálmata
[gv] Dalmaatish
[sh] Dalmatski jezik
[hr] Dalmatski jezik
[hu] Dalmát nyelv
[it] Lingua dalmatica
[ja] ダルマチア語
[la] Lingua Dalmatica
[li] Dalmatisch
[mk] Далматински јазик
[nl] Dalmatisch
[no] Dalmatisk
[oc] Dalmata
[pl] Język dalmatyński
[pt] Língua dálmata
[ro] Limba dalmată
[ru] Далматинский язык
[sk] Dalmatínčina
[es] Idioma dalmático
[sr] Далматски језик
[sv] Dalmatiska
[tr] Dalmaçyaca
[uk] Далматинська мова
[zh] 达尔马提亚语

Language type : Extinct

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