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Afrihili (Ni Afrihili Oluga 'the Afrihili language') is a constructed language designed in 1970 by Ghanaian historian K. A. Kumi Attobrah (Kumi Atɔbra) to be used as a lingua franca in all of Africa. The name of the language is a combination of Africa and Swahili. The author, a native of Akrokerri (Akrokɛri) in Ghana, originally conceived of the idea in 1967 while on a sea voyage from Dover to Calais. His intention was that it would promote unity and understanding among the different peoples of the continent, reduce costs in printing due to translations and promote trade. It is meant to be easy for Africans to learn.
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Names (more)

[ar] أفرهيلي
[az] afrihili dili
[bn] আফ্রিহিলি
[bs] afrihili
[br] afrihili
[bg] африхили
[ca] afrihili
[cs] afrihili
[cy] Affrihili
[da] afrihili
[de] Afrihili
[el] Αφριχίλι
[en] Afrihili
[eo] Afrihilio
[et] afrihili
[fa] آفریهیلی
[fi] Afrihili
[fr] Afrihili
[gu] અફ્રિહિલી
[he] אפריהילי
[hi] अफ्रिहिली
[hr] Afrihili jezik
[hu] afrihili
[id] Afrihili
[is] afríhílí
[it] afrihili
[ja] アフリヒリ語
[kn] ಆಫ್ರಿಹಿಲಿ
[ks] اَفرِہِلی
[ko] 아프리히리어
[lo] ແອຟີຮີລີ
[lv] afrihili
[lt] afrihili
[ml] ആഫ്രിഹിലി
[mr] अफ्रिहिली
[mk] африхили
[mt] Afriħili
[nl] Afrihili
[nn] afrihili
[nb] afrihili
[no] Afrihili
[or] ଆଫ୍ରିହିଲି
[pl] afrihili
[pt] afrihili
[rm] afrihili
[ro] afrihili
[ru] Африхили
[sk] afrihili
[sl] afrihili
[es] afrihili
[sr] Африхили
[sv] afrihili
[ta] அஃப்ரிஹிலி
[te] అఫ్రిహిలి
[th] แอฟริฮีลี
[tr] Afrihili
[uk] Афрігілі
[vi] Tiếng Afrihili

Language type : Constructed

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