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Zarma (also spelled Djerma, Dyabarma, Dyarma, Dyerma, Adzerma, Zabarma, Zarbarma, Zarma, Zarmaci, and Zerma) is a member of the Songhay languages. It is the leading indigenous language of the southwestern lobe of the West African nation of Niger, where the Niger River flows and the capital city, Niamey, is located, and it is the second leading for that entire nation, after Hausa, which is spoken in south central Niger. In earlier decades, it was known as Djerma. With over 2 million speakers, Zarma is far and away the most widely spoken of the Songhay languages. The two other major Songhay dialects or languages are spoken upriver in the neighboring nation of Mali. They are Koyraboro Senni, centered on the city of Gao, with about 400,000 speakers, and yet further upriver from Zarma territory, Koyra Chiini, centered on the eminent ancient university city of Timbuktu, with about 200,000 speakers. According to some reports, speakers of Zarma do not understand Koyraboro Senni.
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Names (more)

[ar] زرمة
[br] Zarmeg
[ca] zarma
[cs] zarmština
[cy] Zarmaeg
[da] zarma
[de] Zarma
[el] Ζάρμα
[en] Zarma language
[et] zarma
[eu] Zarma
[ee] zamagbe
[fi] djerma
[fr] Zarma
[he] זארמה
[hr] Zarma jezik
[hu] zarma
[id] Zarma
[is] zarma
[it] zarma
[ja] ザルマ語
[ko] 자르마어
[lo] ຊາມາ
[lv] zarmu
[lt] zarmų
[mk] зарма
[nl] Zarma
[nn] zarma
[nb] zarma
[pl] Język dżerma
[pt] Língua zarma
[ro] zarma
[ru] зарма
[sk] zarma
[es] Idioma zarma
[sv] zarma
[th] ซาร์มา
[tr] Zarma
[uk] джерма
[vi] Tiếng Zarma

Language type : Living

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