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The Dargwa or Dargin language is spoken by the Dargin people of Dagestan. It is the literary and main dialect of the dialect continuum constituting the Dargin languages. The four other languages in this dialect continuum are often considered variants of Dargwa. Ethnologue lists these under Dargwa, but recognizes that these may be different languages. Its people are Sunni Muslims. Dargwa uses a Cyrillic script. As per the 2002 Census, there are 429,347 speakers of Dargwa proper in Dagestan, 7,188 in neighbouring Kalmykia, 1,620 in Khanty–Mansio, 680 in Chechnya, and hundreds more in other parts of Russia. Figures for the Lakh dialect are 142,523 in Dagestan, 1,504 in Kabardino-Balkaria, 708 in Khanty–Mansi.
Source : DBpedia

Names (more)

[ar] الدارجوا
[az] darqva dili
[bn] দার্গওয়া
[bs] dargva
[br] Dargweg
[bg] даргва
[ca] Darguà
[cs] dargština
[cy] Dargwa
[da] dargwa
[de] Darginisch
[el] Ντάργκουα
[en] Dargwa language
[eo] Dargva lingvo
[et] dargi
[fa] دارقینی
[fi] Dargin kieli
[fr] Dargwa
[gu] દાર્ગવા
[he] דרגווה
[hi] दार्गवा
[hr] dargwa
[hu] dargva
[id] Dargwa
[is] dargva
[it] Lingua dargwa
[ja] ダルガン語
[kn] ದರ್ಗ್ವಾ
[ks] دَرگوا
[ka] დარგუული ენა
[kv] Даргин кыв
[ko] 다르구아어
[lo] ດາກວາ
[lv] dargu
[lt] dargva
[ml] ഡർഗ്വാ
[mr] दार्गवा
[mk] Даргински јазик
[mt] Dargwa
[ms] Bahasa Dargin
[nl] Darginisch
[nn] dargwa
[nb] dargwa
[or] ଡାରାଗ୍ୱା
[pl] dargwijski
[pt] Língua dargínica
[rm] dargwa
[ro] Limba darghină
[ru] Даргинские языки
[sk] darginčina
[sl] Darginščina
[es] dargva
[sr] Даргва
[sv] darginska
[ta] தார்குவா
[te] డార్గ్వా
[th] ดาร์กิน
[tr] Dargince
[uk] Даргінська мова
[vi] Tiếng Dargwa

Language type : Living

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