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The Choctaw language, traditionally spoken by the Native American Choctaw people of the southeastern United States, is a member of the Muskogean family. Although Chickasaw is sometimes listed as a dialect of Choctaw, more extensive documentation of Chickasaw has shown that Choctaw and Chickasaw are best treated as separate but closely related languages.
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Names (more)

[ar] الشوكتو
[az] çoktau dili
[bn] চকটোও
[bs] čoktavski
[br] Tchoktaweg
[bg] чокто
[ca] choctaw
[cs] čoktština
[cy] Siocto
[da] choctaw
[de] Choctaw
[el] Τσοκτάου
[en] Choctaw language
[eo] Ĉakta lingvo
[et] tšokto
[fa] چوکتویی
[fi] choctaw
[fr] Choctaw
[gu] ચોક્તૌ
[he] צ'וקטאו
[hi] चोक्तौ
[hr] choctaw
[hu] csoktó
[id] Koktaw
[is] sjoktá
[it] choctaw
[ja] チョクトー語
[kn] ಚೋಕ್ಟಾವ್
[ks] چوکتَو
[ka] ჩოქტაუ
[rw] Igicokitawu
[ko] 촉토어
[lo] ຊອກຕິວ
[lv] čoktavu
[lt] čoktau
[ml] ചോക്റ്റാവ്
[mr] चोक्तौ
[mk] чокто
[mt] Ċostaw
[ms] Bahasa Choctaw
[nl] Choctaw
[nn] choctaw
[nb] choctaw
[or] ଚୋଟୱା
[pl] Język czoktaw
[pt] Língua choctaw
[qu] Chahta simi
[rm] choctaw
[ro] choctaw
[ru] Чоктавский язык
[sk] čoktavčina
[sl] čoktavščina
[es] Idioma choctaw
[sr] Чоктавски
[sv] Choctaw
[ta] சொக்டோ மொழி
[te] చొచ్కతావ్
[th] ช็อกทอว์
[tr] Choctaw
[uk] Чоктавська мова
[vi] Tiếng Choctaw

Language type : Living

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