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Awadhi is an Eastern Hindi language, a dialect of the Hindi dialect continuum. It is spoken chiefly in the Awadh (Oudh) region of Uttar Pradesh & Nepal although its speakers are also found in Madhya Pradesh & Delhi. A mixture of Awadhi, Brij Bhasha and Bundeli is also spoken in the Vatsa country south of Awadh region which includes Kanpur and Allahabad. It is also spoken in most of the Caribbean countries where the people of Uttar Pradesh were taken as indentured workers by the British India government. According to 2001 census, it ranks 29th in the List of languages by number of native speakers in World. Awadhi is also known by alternate names of Abadhi, Abadi, Abohi, Ambodhi, Avadhi, Baiswari, Kojali and Kosali.
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Names (more)

[ar] الأوادية
[az] avadicə
[bn] আওয়াধি
[bs] avadhi
[br] Awadeg
[bg] авади
[ca] awadhi
[cs] awadhština
[da] awadhi
[de] Awadhi
[el] Αγουαντί
[en] Awadhi language
[et] avadhi
[fi] awadhi
[fr] Awadhi
[gu] અવધી ભાષા
[sh] Awadhi
[he] אוואדית
[hi] अवधी
[hr] Awadhi jezik
[hu] awádi
[id] Awadhi
[is] avadí
[it] Lingua awadhi
[ja] アワディー語
[kn] ಅವಧಿ
[ks] اَوَدی
[ko] 아와히어
[lo] ອາວາຮິ
[lv] avadhu
[lt] avadhi
[ml] അവധി
[mr] अवधी
[mk] авади
[mt] Awadħi
[nl] Awadhi
[nn] Avadhi
[nb] awadhi
[no] Awadhi
[or] ଆୱାଧି
[pl] Awadhi
[pt] awadhi
[rm] awadhi
[ro] awadhi
[ru] Авадхи
[sk] avadhčina
[sl] avadščina
[es] avadhi
[sr] Авадхи
[sv] awadhi
[ta] அவதி மொழி
[te] అవధి
[th] ภาษาอวธี
[tr] Awadhi
[uk] авадхі
[vi] Tiếng Awadhi
[zh] 阿瓦德语

Language type : Living

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