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The Delaware languages, also known as the Lenape languages, are Munsee and Unami, two closely related languages of the Eastern Algonquian subgroup of the Algonquian language family. Munsee and Unami were spoken aboriginally by the Lenape people in the vicinity of the modern New York City area in the United States, including western Long Island, Manhattan Island, Staten Island, as well as adjacent areas on the mainland: southeastern New York State, eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and coastal Delaware.
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Names (more)

[ar] الديلوير
[az] delaver dili
[bn] ডেলাওয়ের
[bs] delaver
[br] delaware
[bg] делауер
[ca] delaware
[cs] delawarština
[da] delaware
[de] Delaware-Sprache
[el] Ντέλαγουερ
[en] Delaware languages
[eo] Lenapa lingvo
[et] delavari
[fa] دلاواری
[fi] delaware
[fr] delaware
[gv] Delawarish
[gu] દેલેવેર
[he] דלאוור
[hi] डिलैवेयर
[hr] delavarski
[hu] delavár
[id] Delaware
[is] delaver
[it] Lingua delaware
[ja] デラウェア語
[kn] ಡೆಲಾವೇರ್
[ks] ڈیٚلوییَر
[ko] 델라웨어어
[lo] ເດລາວາ
[lv] delavēru
[lt] delavero
[ml] ദലവാരെ
[mr] डेलॅवेयर
[mk] делавер
[mt] Delawerjan
[my] ဒီလာဝဲ
[nl] Delaware
[nn] delaware
[nb] delaware
[or] ଡେଲାୱେର୍
[pl] Język delaware
[pt] Línguas delaware
[rm] delaware
[ro] delaware
[ru] Делаварские языки
[sk] delawarčina
[sl] delavarščina
[es] delaware
[sr] Делавер
[sv] delaware
[ta] தெலாவேர்
[te] డెలావేర్
[th] เดลาแวร์
[tr] Delaware
[uk] делаварська
[vi] Tiếng Delaware

Language type : Living

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