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The Arapaho language or Arapaho proper is a one of the Plains Algonquian languages, closely related to Gros Ventre and other Arapahoan languages. It is spoken by under 300 people over age 50 in Wyoming, and in Oklahoma by only a handful of people . . . all near eighty or older. {{#invoke:Footnotes|sfn}} As such, it is in danger of becoming extinct. As of 1996, there were approximately 1,000 speakers among the Northern Arapaho. {{#invoke:Footnotes|sfn}} As of 2008, the authors of a newly published grammar estimated there were slightly over 250 fluent speakers, plus quite a few near-fluent passive understanders. {{#invoke:Footnotes|sfn}} In 2008, it was reported that a school had been opened to teach the language to children. {{#invoke:Footnotes|sfn}}
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Names (more)

[ar] الأراباهو
[az] arapaho dili
[bn] আরাপাহো
[bs] arapaho
[br] Arapahoeg
[bg] арапахо
[ca] arapaho
[cs] Arapažština
[da] arapaho
[de] Arapaho-Sprache
[el] Αράπαχο
[en] Arapaho language
[et] arapaho
[fa] آراپاهویی
[fi] Arapaho
[fr] Arapaho
[gu] અરાપાહો
[he] ארפהו
[hi] अराफाओ
[hr] Arapaho jezik
[hu] arapaho
[id] Arapaho
[is] arapahó
[it] arapaho
[ja] アラパホー語
[kn] ಅರಪಾಹೋ
[ks] اَراپاہو
[rw] Icyarapaho
[ko] 아라파호어
[lo] ອາຣາປາໂຮ
[lv] arapahu
[lt] arapahų
[ml] അരപാഹോ
[mr] अराफाओ
[mk] арапахо
[mt] Arapaħo
[nl] Arapaho
[nn] arapaho
[nb] arapaho
[or] ଆରାପାହୋ
[pl] Język arapaho
[pt] arapaho
[rm] arapaho
[ro] arapaho
[ru] Арапахо
[sk] arapaho
[sl] arapaščina
[es] arapaho
[sr] Арапахо
[sv] arapaho
[ta] அரபஹோ
[te] అరాపాహో
[th] อาราปาโฮ
[tr] Arapaho Dili
[uk] арапахо
[vi] Tiếng Arapaho

Language type : Living

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