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Kiga (also called Rukiga, Ruchiga, or Chiga) is the native language of the people of Kiga people (Bakiga). Kiga is a very similar language to the Nkore language. It was first written in the second half of the nineteenth century. Kiga is so similar to Nkore (84%–94% lexical similarity) that some argue they are dialects of the same language, called Nkore-Kiga by Charles Taylor. In common with other Bantu languages, Kiga has a noun class system in which prefixes on nouns mark membership of one of the noun genders. Pronouns, adjectives, and verbs reflect the noun gender of the nominal they refer to. Some examples of noun classes: mu – person (singular), e.g. omukiga = inhabitant of Kigezi land ru – language, e.g. Rukiga = language of the Kiga ba – people, e.g. Bakiga = The Kiga people ki – customs or traditions, e.g. kikiga, (sometimes spelled Kichiga), describes religious tradition common to the Kiga people. Sometimes the people are called 'Chiga' by people not understanding the linguistic rules in relation to the prefixes. The sound [l] is not distinctive in Rukiga. The letter r is used instead.
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Names (more)

[ar] تشيغا
[ca] chiga
[cs] kiga
[da] chiga
[el] Τσίγκα
[en] Chiga
[et] chiga
[fi] kiga
[fr] kiga
[he] צ'יגה
[hr] chiga
[hu] kiga
[id] Kiga
[is] sjíga
[it] chiga
[ja] キガ語
[ko] 치가어
[lo] ຊີກາ
[lv] kiga
[lt] čigų
[mk] чига
[nl] Chiga
[nb] kiga
[pl] Język chiga
[pt] Língua rukiga
[ro] chiga
[ru] чига
[sk] čiga
[es] chiga
[sw] Kichiga
[sv] chiga
[th] คีกา
[tr] Chiga
[uk] кіга
[vi] Tiếng Chiga

Language type : Living

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