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Dakhini also spelled Dakkhani and Deccani, arose as a Muslim court language of the Deccan Plateau ca. 1300 AD in ways similar to Urdu. It is similar to Urdu by way of the influence of Persian with a Hindi base, but differs the strong influence of Arabic, Persian, Konkani and Marathi, and the Telugu and Kannada inhabitants of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. This dialect has a rich and extensive literary heritage. Despite it being the native language of most muslims of the erstwhile Princely States of Hyderabad State and the Kingdom of Mysore, it is also the spoken form of Hindi-Urdu for most Hindus and non-Hindus of the region to this day and is the most common street-language in several cities including Hyderabad and Bangalore.
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Names (more)

[en] Dakhini
[hi] दक्खिनी
[ja] ダッキニー語
[la] Dialectus Dakkhini
[nn] Dakkhini
[no] Dakhini
[pl] Dakhini
[th] ภาษาทักขินี
[ur] دکنی

Language type : Living

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