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Belize Kriol English


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Belize Kriol English is an English-based creole language closely related to Miskito Coastal Creole and San Andrés and Providencia Creole. The name has also been written as Belize Creole. Population estimates are difficult; virtually all of the more than 70,000 Creoles in Belize speak Kriol. In a 2000 Belize Census, 24.9% claimed Creole ethnicity and 33% claimed Kriol as their first language. Possibly as many as 85,000 Creoles have migrated to the United States and may or may not still speak the language. Kriol is the lingua franca of Belize and is the first language of some Garifunas, Mestizos, Maya, and other ethnic groups. It is a second language for most others in the country. When the National Kriol Council began standardizing the orthography for Kriol they decided that they would only promote the spelling Kriol for the language, but they would continue to use the spelling Creole when referring to the people in English.
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Names (more)

[cs] Belizská kreolština
[en] Belize Kriol English
[ko] 벨리즈 크리올
[no] Belizisk kreol
[pl] Język kreolski Belize
[pt] Crioulo belizenho
[es] Criollo beliceño

Language type : Living

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