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Cappadocian Greek


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Cappadocian, also known as Cappadocian Greek or Asia Minor Greek, is a mixed language formerly spoken in Cappadocia (Central Turkey). In the population exchange between Greece and Turkey in the 1920s, Cappadocian speakers were forced to emigrate to Greece, where they were resettled in various locations, especially in Central and Northern Greece. The Cappadocians rapidly shifted to Standard Modern Greek and their language was thought to be extinct since the 1960s. In June 2005, Mark Janse and Dimitris Papazachariou discovered Cappadocians in Central and Northern Greece who could still speak their ancestral language fluently. Amongst them are middle-aged, third-generation speakers who take a very positive attitude towards the language as opposed to their parents and grandparents. The latter are much less inclined to speak Cappadocian and more often than not switch to Standard Modern Greek. A survey of Cappadocian speakers and language use is currently in preparation.
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Names (more)

[br] Gresianeg Kappadokia
[ca] Capadoci
[de] Kappadokische Sprache
[el] Καππαδοκική διάλεκτος
[en] Cappadocian Greek language
[fr] Cappadocien
[gl] Grego capadocio
[hu] Kappadókiai görög nyelv
[nl] Cappadocisch
[ru] Каппадокийский язык
[sk] Kapadóčtina
[sv] Kappadokiska
[tr] Kapadokya Yunancası
[uk] Каппадокійська мова

Language type : Extinct

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