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Jin, or Jinese, Jinhua or Jin-yu, is a subdivision of spoken Chinese. Its exact status is disputed among linguists; some prefer to classify it under Mandarin, while others set it apart as an independent branch. Jin is spoken over most of Shanxi province, except for the lower Fen River valley; much of central Inner Mongolia; as well as adjoining areas in Hebei, Henan, and Shaanxi provinces. Cities covered within this area include Taiyuan, Zhangjiakou, Hohhot, Jiaozuo, and Yulin. In total Jin is spoken by roughly 45 million people. Like all other varieties of Chinese, there is plenty of dispute as to whether Jin is a language or a dialect. See Identification of the varieties of Chinese for the issues surrounding this dispute.
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Names (more)

[br] Djineg
[de] Jin
[en] Chinese, Jinyu
[eo] Ĵina lingvo
[fr] Jinyu
[gv] Jinish
[ja] 晋語
[ko] 진어
[no] Jin
[pl] Język jin
[es] Chino jin
[sv] Jin
[zh] 晋语

Language type : Living

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