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Chinese Sign Language


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Modern Chinese Sign Language is the deaf sign language of the People's Republic of China. It is unrelated to Taiwanese Sign Language. The first deaf school using Chinese Sign Language was created by the wife of an American missionary C.R. Mills, Nellie Thompson Mills in the year 1887. Nellie Thompson Mills did not work with American Sign Language, so there is no ASL influence on Chinese Sign Language, for she created a new sign language system to use in China.. Schools, workshops and farms in different areas for the Deaf are the main ways that CSL has been able to spread in China so well. Other Deaf who are not connected to these gathering places tend to use sets of gestures developed in their own homes, known as home sign. The Chinese National Association of the Deaf (ROC) was created by the Deaf People mostly from the United States. The biggest reason for the organization of the Deaf in China was to raise quality of living for the Deaf which was behind the quality of living standards provided for the other disabled. The members of the ROC worked together to better the welfare of the Deaf, to encourage education of Deaf and Chinese Sign Language, and to promote the Deaf Community in China.
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[en] Chinese Sign Language
[pt] Língua de Sinais Chinesa
[zh] 中國手語

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