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Seychellois Creole, also known as Kreol or Seselwa, is the French-based creole language of the Seychelles. It shares official language status with English and French (in contrast to Mauritian Creole, which has no official status in Mauritius).
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Names (more)

[de] Seychellenkreol
[el] Κρεολική Σεσελουά
[en] Creole French, Seselwa
[eo] Sejŝela lingvo
[fi] Seychellien kreoli
[fr] Créole seychellois
[sh] Sejšelski kreolski
[hr] Sejšelski kreolski
[hu] Seychelle-i kreol nyelv
[it] Creolo delle Seychelles
[ja] セーシェル・クレオール語
[ko] 세이셸 크리올
[lv] Seišelu kreolu valoda
[pl] Język kreolski seszelski
[pt] Crioulo de Seychelles
[ru] Сейшельский креольский язык
[es] Criollo seychelense
[sr] Сејшелски креолски
[tr] Seyşeller Kreyolu
[uk] Сейшельська креольська мова
[zh] 塞舌尔克里奥尔语

Language type : Living

Official language : Seychelles,

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