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Chinese Pidgin English


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Chinese Pidgin English (also called Pigeon English, simplified Chinese: 洋泾浜英语; traditional Chinese: 洋涇濱英語; pinyin: yáng jìng bāng yīng yǔ) is a pidgin language lexically based on English, but influenced by a Chinese substratum. From the 17th to the 19th centuries, there was also Chinese Pidgin English spoken in Cantonese-speaking portions of China. Chinese Pidgin English is heavily influenced by various Chinese languages with variants arising among different provinces. A separate Chinese Pidgin English has sprung up in more recent decades in places such as Nauru.
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Names (more)

[en] Chinese Pidgin English
[pl] Pidżyn chińsko-angielski
[sv] Pidginengelska
[zh] 洋泾浜英语

Language type : Living

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