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Ban Khor Sign Language


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Ban Khor Sign Language (BKSL) is a village sign language used by about 1,000 people of a rice-farming community in the villages of Ban Khor and Plaa Pag in a remote area of Isan. Ban Khor proper and Plaa Pag are dialects, with some 80% of signs in common. It developed about 60–80 years ago due to a high number of deaf people. Preliminary observation has tentatively suggested it may be a language isolate, independent of the other indigenous sign languages of Thailand such as Old Bangkok Sign Language and the national Thai Sign Language.   Thai Sign Language is increasingly exerting an influence on BKSL.
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[en] Ban Khor Sign Language
[hr] Ban khor znakovni jezik
[pt] Língua de sinais de Ban Khor

Language type : Living

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