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Archi is a Northeast Caucasian language spoken by the 1,200 Archis in the village of Archib, southern Dagestan, Russia and the six surrounding smaller villages. It is used at home and the speakers have positive attitude toward it. It is unusual for its many phonemes and for its contrast between several voiceless velar lateral fricatives and voiceless and ejective velar lateral affricates and a voiced velar lateral fricative. It is an ergative–absolutive language with four noun classes and has a remarkable morphological system with huge paradigms and irregularities on all levels. Mathematically, there are 1,502,839 possible forms that can be derived from a single verb root.
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Names (more)

[ca] Arči
[de] Artschinische Sprache
[en] Archi language
[fi] Artšin kieli
[fr] Artchi
[hr] Arčinski jezik
[it] Lingua archi
[ka] არჩიბული ენა
[mk] Арчински јазик
[pl] Język arczyński
[pt] Língua archi
[ru] Арчинский язык
[uk] Арчинська мова

Language type : Living

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