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Gheg Albanian


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Gheg (or Geg) is one of the two major varieties of Albanian language. The other one is Tosk, on which standard Albanian is based. The dividing line between these two varieties is the Shkumbin River, which winds its way through central Albania. Gheg is spoken in Northern Albania, Kosovo, northwestern Republic of Macedonia, southern Montenegro and Serbia. It is also spoken in parts of Sicily and southern Italy. There are still some authors who write in Gheg. Gheg does not have any official status as a written language in any country. Publications in Kosovo and Macedonia are in standard Albanian, which is based on Tosk.
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Names (more)

[bg] Геги
[de] Gegisch
[el] Γκεγκική διάλεκτος
[en] Albanian, Gheg
[eo] Geg-albana lingvo
[fr] Guègue
[hr] Gegijski jezik
[hu] Geg albán nyelv
[it] Ghego
[ja] ゲグ方言
[nl] Gegisch
[ro] Dialectul Gheg
[ru] Гегский диалект албанского языка
[es] Albanés guego
[sq] Gegë
[sv] Gegiska
[uk] Гегський говір

Language type : Living

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