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Argobba is an Ethiopian Semitic language spoken in an area north-east of Addis Ababa by the Argobba people. It belongs to the South Ethiopian Semitic subgroup together with Amharic and the Gurage languages. Writing in the mid-1960s, Edward Ullendorff noted that it is disappearing rapidly in favour of Amharic, and only a few hundred elderly people are still able to speak it. Today, many Argobba in the Harar region are shifting to the Oromo language. The language is spoken in a number of pockets and has at least four regional variations in Harar (extinct), Aliyu Amba, Shewa Robit and Shonke.
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Names (more)

[ar] لغة أرغوبية
[br] Argobeg
[bg] Аргоба
[ca] Argobba
[de] Argobba
[en] Argobba language
[hr] Argobba jezik
[is] Argobba
[pl] Język argobba
[pt] Língua argobba

Language type : Living

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