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Adamorobe Sign Language


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Adamorobe Sign Language (AdaSL) is a village sign language used in Adamorobe, an Akan village in eastern Ghana. It is used by about 30 deaf and 1370 hearing people. Ethnologue reports a total of 3,400 signers, including hearing users, but a recent census mentions a total of 1400 inhabitants. The Adamorobe community is notable for its unusually high incidence of hereditary deafness, estimated at 2% of the total population, or 15% according to Ethnologue. In the past, this percentage is thought to have been as high as 60%. Deaf people are fully incorporated into the community. Under these circumstances, AdaSL has developed an indigenous sign language, fully independent from the country's standard Ghanaian Sign Language (which is related to American Sign Language). AdaSL shares signs and prosodic features with some other sign languages in the region, such as Bura Sign Language, but it has been suggested these similarities are due to culturally shared gestures rather than a genetic relationship. AdaSL has features that set it apart from the sign languages of large deaf communities studied so far, including the absence of classifier constructions for the expression of motion and location. Instead, AdaSL uses several types of serial verb constructions also found in the surrounding oral language, Akan. Frishberg suggests that AdaSL may be related to the gestural trade jargon used in the markets throughout West Africa. Thus AdaSL provides an interesting domain for research on cross-linguistic sign languages. For over a decade, the deaf children of the village have attended a boarding school in Mampong-Akuapem, where the ASL based Ghanaian Sign Language is used. As a consequence, this language has become the first language of these children and their command of AdaSL is decreasing. This is likely to lead to a complete shift of the deaf community in Adamorobe to Ghanaian Sign Language. As such, AdaSL is an endangered sign language.
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Names (more)

[de] Adamorobe-Gebärdensprache
[en] Adamorobe Sign Language
[hr] Adamorobe
[is] Adomoróbe-táknmál
[ja] アダモロベ手話
[pt] Língua Gestual de Adamorobe
[es] Lengua de señas adamorobe

Language type : Living

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