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The Bangime (bàŋɡí–mɛ̀) language, or in full Bàŋgɛ́rí-mɛ̀, is spoken by some 1500 ethnic Dogon in seven villages in southern Mali, who call themselves the bàŋɡá–ndɛ̀ ('hidden people'). Long known to be highly divergent from (other) Dogon languages, it was first proposed as a possible isolate by Blench (2005). Research since then has confirmed that it appears to be unrelated to neighboring languages. Roger Blench, who discovered the language was not Dogon, notes, This language contains some Niger–Congo roots but is lexically very remote from all other languages in West Africa. It is presumably the last remaining representative of the languages spoken prior to the expansion of the Dogon proper, which he dates to 3000–4000 years ago.
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[en] Bangi Me
[ru] Бангери

Language type : Living

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