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Hakha Chin (Baungshe, Lai) is a language spoken in southern Asia by 446,264 people. The total figure includes 2,000 Zokhua, and 60,100 Lai speakers. The speakers are largely concentrated in Mizoram in eastern India and Burma, with a small number of speakers in Bangladesh. Even though there is no official language in Chin State (Burma), Lai holh is used as a communication language or lingua franca in most parts of Chin State. It's used as a native language in Hakha and Thantlang area. And it's used as a communication language or lingua franca in Matupi. As Hakha and Falam dialects are from the same Lai dailect and 85% of the phonetic and accent are exactly the same, people from Falam can easily communicate with Hakha language. Strictly speaking, as Hakha is the capital of Chin State; Chins people from many parts of Chin State settle down in Hakha, or serve or work temporarily as a government employee or business men and eventually they including their children learn and speak Hakha. In this way, nowadays Hakha (Lai) dialect is used as a communication or lingua franca in the present day Chin State.
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[bn] হাকা চিন ভাষা
[en] Chin, Haka

Language type : Living

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