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Northern Sotho Sesotho sa LeboaNative to South AfricaRegion Gauteng, Limpopo, MpumalangaNative speakers 4.1 million  (2006)Language family Niger–Congo Atlantic–CongoBenue–CongoBantoidSouthern BantoidBantuSouthern BantuSotho–TswanaSothoNorthern SothoDialects Pedi (Masemola, Tau, Koni) Lobedu (Kgaga) Gananwa (Tlokwa) Kopa (Ndebele-Sotho) Birwa Tswapong ? Phalaborwa ? Kutswe (East Sotho) ? Pai (East Sotho) ? Pulana (East Sotho) Official statusOfficial language in 22x20px South AfricaRegulated by Pan South African Language BoardLanguage codesISO 639-2 nsoISO 639-3 Variously:nso – Pedi etc. brl – Birwatwo – TswapongGuthrie code S.32,301–304Linguasphere parts of outer language 99-AUT-e The Pedi Language  person  moPedi/moSotho  people  baPedi/baSotho  language  Sepedi/seSotho   0–20%   20–40%   40–60%   60–80%   80–100% ]]   <1 /km²   1–3 /km²   3–10 /km²   10–30 /km²   30–100 /km²   100–300 /km²   300–1000 /km²   1000–3000 /km²   >3000 /km² ]] Northern Sotho is a designation in English, rendered officially and among indigenous speakers as Sesotho sa Leboa. Also confusingly known by the name of its major variety, Pedi or Sepedi, Northern Sotho is a designated official language of South Africa, spoken by 4,208,980 people (2001 Census) in the provinces of Gauteng, Limpopo and Mpumalanga. Urban varieties of Northern Sotho, such as Pretoria Sotho (actually a derivative of Tswana), have acquired clicks in an ongoing process of the spread of such sounds from Nguni languages.
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[en] Birwa

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