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Berik is a Papuan language spoken in eastern Papua. Speakers are located in four village groups on the Tor river towards the northern coast of Indonesian-controlled Irian Jaya. In 1994 it was estimated to have around 1200 speakers. It is regarded as one of the Tor–Kwerba languages. US linguist John McWhorter cited Berik as an example of a language which puts concepts together in ways more fascinatingly different from English than most of us are aware. Illustrating this, in the phrase Kitobana (meaning gives three large objects to a male in the sunlight), affixes indicating time of day, object number, object size, and gender of recipient are added to the verb. Sample Angtaneʻ bosna Usafe je gatas tarnap ge nuin. Tesa ga belim taban, ga jes talebowel. There was once a person named Usafe who lived near the sago acreages. Whenever he finished cutting down a sago tree, he pounded it
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