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Bahing (also known as Rumdali) is a language spoken by 2,765 people (2001 census) of the Bahing ethnic group in the Okhaldhunga district of Nepal. It belongs to the family of Kiranti languages, a subgroup of Tibeto-Burman. The Bahing language was described by Brian Houghton Hodgson (1857, 1858) as having a very complex verbal morphology. By the 1970s, only vestiges were left, making Bahing a case study of grammatical attrition and language death. Bahing and the related Khaling language have synchronic ten-vowel systems. The difference of [mərə mərə] monkey vs. [mɯrɯ mɯrɯ] man is difficult to perceive for speakers of even neighboring dialects, which makes for an unlimited source of fun to the Bahing people. Hodgson (1857) reported a middle voice formed by a suffix -s(i) added to the verbal stem, corresponding to reflexives in other Kiranti languages.
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Names (more)

[br] Bahingeg
[en] Bahing language
[hr] Bahing jezik
[th] ภาษาบาฮิง

Language type : Living

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