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Betawi Malay, AKA Jakarta Malay or Batavian Malay, is the spoken language of the Betawi people in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is the native language of about 2,700,000 people (1993). It is a Malay-based creole, and closely related to Malay language. The Betawi language has large amounts of Hokkien Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, and Dutch loanwords. The first person pronoun gue (I or me) and second person pronoun lu (you) also with numerical such as cepek (a hundred), gopek (five hundred), and seceng (a thousand) clearly demonstrate Hokkien dialect, while the words ente (you) and ane (me) clearly derived from Arabic. It is the ancestor of Cocos Islands Malay. Today Betawi dialect is a popular informal language in Indonesia and used as the base of Indonesian slang and commonly spoken in Jakarta TV soap operas. The name Betawi stems from Batavia, the official name for Jakarta during the era of the Dutch East Indies.
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Names (more)

[en] Betawi language
[fr] Betawi
[id] Bahasa Betawi
[jv] Basa Betawi
[ja] ベタウィ語
[ko] 베타위어
[ms] Bahasa Betawi
[nl] Betawi
[th] ภาษาเบตาวี

Language type : Living

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