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Remontado Dumagat


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Sinauna, also known as Remontado Agta (Kabalat), Remontado Dumagat, and Hatang Kayey, is a language spoken in Tanay, Rizal, General Nakar, Quezon, Rodriguez, Rizal and Antipolo City. Sinauna is closely related to Kapampangan and Sambalic languages and even to most Developed languages in the Philippines like Tagalog,Bisaya,Bikol and Mindanaw ethnic languages. The term Tagalog may originate from this Sinauna or Dumaget language (Naloy) which is Haloy in Bikol and Dugay in Bisaya meaning Long time ago. From these Etymology fact, the early form of Tagalog might be called Tageloy meaning residents/people from old Civilization. Sinauna is a modern term for this language while the older terms could be 1. ) De sorot pa Dumaget or baybay and 2. ) Kad kaye ed Mangnah (Mangneh). The vast areas in Luzon comprising the Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges is the home of These Ethnic people called Agta/ Ata (Tawo in Tagalog). They prefer simple way of life and they depend on the flora and fauna in the forest regions but due to destructions of environment made by lowland settlers, their normal way of living was disturbed and they might face extinction. They lack the ability to analyze the negative/detrimental effects of Communist ideology and this may wipe most of its communities since most of them became followers and sympathizers of rebelling groups. The agta who belong to age 40 and up are the last generation of Dumagat who can speak some Dumagat words and expressions. Their siblings prefer Pilipino(Mixture of Tagalog and other Philippne languages)as their primary language, according to them, it is difficult to learn the language of their forefathers. Some words and greeting in Pa Baybay a Dumaget are still common to elders like a. ) Masampata abeabe deketamapesan. (Good day to all of us!) 2. )nekisila ok. (Excuse me, i'll pass this way) 3. )Manoloson eketam de makedepat ngane maedup eketam a ugnay. (Let us believe in Lord God and we will prevail always) 4. ) on pagweaksi ni kamalotan ey pagepo ni katenggesan ni Makedepat. (Do not agree with what evils say and we will receive godly wisdom and understanding) Aids/help coming from other countries benefitted some agta in education but because of their great numbers including the lowlandsettlers, there were always competition in receiving these benefits from outside. Before Spanish arrived in the Philippine Archipelago, These ethnic groups of people (Agta,Ita,Ata,Ati, Banobo, Ifugaw, etc) were the real settlers of most old communities near the coastal areas in many islands of Philippine Archiopelago. The Laiban Dam project is planned in Kaliwa-Kanan River River Valley, part of the ancestral land of the Sinauna/Remontado Agta. At present, open mining of Iron/coal/manganese/gold/ is done in this area.
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[en] Dumagat, Remontado
[hr] Agta, Remontado jezik

Language type : Living

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