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Western Abnaki


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Abenaki, or Abnaki, is a recently extinct Algonquian language of Quebec and Maine. There were two varieties, Eastern and Western, which differ in vocabulary and phonology, and are sometimes considered distinct languages. Eastern Abenaki was spoken by several peoples, of which the last were the Penobscot of coastal Maine. The last known speaker died in the 1990s in Penobscot, Maine. Other dialects of Eastern Abenaki, such as Caniba and Aroosagunticook, are documented in French-language materials from the colonial period. In 1991, Western Abenaki was spoken by 20 individuals along the St. Lawrence River between Montreal and Quebec City, mostly at Odanak, the site of the former mission village of St. Francis, and by about 50 individuals living throughout New York state and Connecticut. By 2006 five speakers were recorded, and by 2009 Ethnologue noted it was extinct. However, a new generation is actively preserving and revitalizing the language. Fluent speakers Joseph Elie Joubert from the Odanak reservation and Jesse Bowman Bruchac lead partial immersion classes in the language across the Northeast. They have created several books in and about the language as well as audio, video and web-based media to help others learn the language. The English word skunk, attested in New England in the 1630s, is probably borrowed from the Abenaki seganku.
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Names (more)

[de] Westliche Abenaki
[en] Abnaki, Western
[hr] Zapadnoabnački jezik

Language type : Extinct

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